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Cameron Thomas

Cameron Thomas, Managing Editor

Cameron Thomas is a senior from the small town of Port Gibson, Mississippi. Serving as this year's Managing Editor and previously a copy editor, he enjoys math, psychology, helping people, and looking at life from a very different perspective. However, his devout passion for writing-- from poems, books, and scripts to lab reports or articles-- trails as far back as first grade when he wrote his first short story. Ever since then, he has found ways to use his words to tell stories, whether it's for pure entertainment or for the pursuit of the truth. Thomas plans on majoring in Statistics and Journalism with a concentration in Public Advocacy. After college, he aspires to become an in-depth reporter, an author, and an activist.

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In this all-senior episode, Cameron Thomas talks with Russ Thompson and Niamke Buchanan about the transition to MSMS from their old schools and whats next for them.

The Senior Session

March 5, 2020
We always admire the beauty of flowers but never appreciate the struggle  from its growth. - Cameron Thomas

The Butterfly Effect

April 15, 2019


January 21, 2019


October 1, 2018
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