The Butterfly Effect


Faith Brown

We always admire the beauty of flowers but never appreciate the struggle from its growth. – Cameron Thomas

Cameron Thomas, Copy Editor

You ever wish it would go away

That memory

Yeah, the one that just wanders in the depths of your mind

Drowning you in guilt

Each time it thuds against the inner-perimeter of your brain

You relive that one horrid moment

Feeling worse each time you go back

Have you ever tried to change it?

In theory, not in physicality

Or just… erase it from your mind

Then you realize that whatever you do…

Whatever you try

There will always be that “something”

That negatively affects your current state of being

When you dwell in the past, toying with the linear aspects of time and fate

You leave small remnants that come to haunt you

Sometimes you have to come to a realization

Accepting the truth and admitting your fallacies

Is not a sign of weakness

It is method of  self-fulfillment

Pushing you harder

Feeding your determination


So the next time that memory comes to mind

Don’t scorn it

Acknowledge it

Let it keep wandering around in your mind

Because only YOU can choose to be

A product of your past

A pain in the present

Or a flower for the future

A flower with the potential to blossom

Into something greater