Blue Waves Dive into First Swim Meet


Elijah Dosda

Dennis Lee completes a Breastroke Flip-Turn.

Cameron Thomas, Copy Editor

After a few short weeks of relentless preparation, the Blue Waves hit the water for their first swim meet this past Tuesday in Oxford, Mississippi.

With a team of only six swimmers having to share two caps, they further exemplified that there is more power in quality than in quantity. All six swimmers qualified for the North State Championship.

Junior Elijah Dosda, says he is trying to adjust to the new environment. “The meet was very different from what I’m accustomed to,” Dosda said. “Since I’d say Sam (Samantha Broussard) and I are from the coast and from the South State Division, it was an interesting change to have a new meet location, and it’ll be interesting trying to adapt to every new meet and how there are subtle changes with each pool that we race at.”

Elijah Dosda
Cale Upton reaches for his final stroke into the wall.

Dosda had a time of 1:05 in the 100m Butterfly and 1:10 in the 100m Backstroke. He says he wants to improve his 100m Butterfly time. “I want to bring it back down and improve it hopefully to around a minute flat maybe 1 or 2 seconds slower than that,” he said.

With a time of 1:23.65 in the 100m Butterfly and 1:15.68 in the 100m Backstroke, Samantha Broussard felt really good about the team’s first meet. “I definitely think there’s a lot to improve in since it was only our first meet,” Broussard said. “But overall it was pretty successful. Everyone swam well, considering we’ve only been in the water for a few weeks.”

“I’m ready to see what happens in these next two meets,” she said. “I’m really excited for what the rest of the season will bring for us as a team.”

While the MSMS Blue Waves are doing well in solo races, the team still needs a male and female swimmer in order to form a relay team.

Nevertheless, their next meet is September 25th in Tupelo, Mississippi.