Leading on and off the field


Gina Nguyen

Co-Captain Tierah Macon dribbles the ball downfield towards the Opposing Defense.

Cameron Thomas, Managing Editor

From the moment she saw a poster on the wall in fourth grade, Columbus native and MSMS Lady Waves Co-Captain Tierah Macon knew that she was destined to be on the soccer field. Having played eight years, soccer has been an integral aspect of Macon’s life.

Macon hails from Columbus High School where she scored her first goal, which was a defining moment in her life.

“I made my first goal in tenth grade when I played midfield,” Macon said. “It was really cool, but I didn’t really have that much time to celebrate because the game has to keep going.”

Though Macon had a devout passion for the game, it was a new experience for her family, for she was the first in her family to play soccer. 

“Soccer has had a huge influence on my life because it is so unique to my family and lifestyle,” she said.

She was not the only athlete, however. While she was taking the field, her sister was taking the basketball court, which often caused conflicts being that their families couldn’t be in two places at once. Because the sports culture in her family didn’t include soccer, Macon’s games were often overlooked.

“Soccer was kind of a new thing for my family, and it got kind of difficult for them to make my games when my sister started playing varsity,” Macon said. “Of course they’re going to choose being in a building over being outside in the cold.”

Nevertheless, Macon never stopped. She continued pursuing her passions of academics and athletics on arriving to MSMS. She realized that soccer was much more than extra-curricular activity for her. Because Macon has never claimed to be the most outgoing person, she uses soccer as one of her main social outlets.

”Soccer is one of my favorite things at MSMS,” Macon said. “It introduced me to people that I probably would’ve never talked to otherwise because I am kind of a shy person.”

Soccer also assisted her with her transition into the arduous academic environment at MSMS. On the daily, she runs from Calculus and Organic Chemistry in Hooper to soccer practice in PAC field.

“[Soccer] helped me with time management somehow,” she said. “I was more likely to get my homework done during soccer season than during any other time of the year because procrastination I guess.”

Playing soccer at MSMS has introduced Macon to an entirely new perspective on sports culture. She can “actually enjoy the sport with [her] friends rather than trying to win all of the time.” Due to the different circumstances of all of her teammates, she came to a realization:

“People come here having never played at all, and it’s so wonderful seeing everyone work together after only knowing each other for a few months, playing people who’ve known each other for years.”

As a captain, Macon takes her responsibilities beyond the field. She always ensures that her teammates are mentally healthy because “a lot of times having an off day on the field can reflect what’s going on off the field.”

Macon plans to continue encouraging her peers and pushing the Lady Waves for strong finish in the 2019-2020 season.