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Watch Part 2: Love Is Not Timeless

Cameron Thomas, Copy Editor

“Who is that?”

“Who is who?”

“You know who!”

“Oh, I do?”

“Don’t act stupid

Don’t act slow

If you have her

Then I should go”

“Go where?”

“I don’t know, but…”

“But what?”

“There’s this feeling in my gut

And it’s telling me to leave”

She picked up her keys

And opened the door

There flew in a breeze


Don’t leave me!”

I got down to my knees

And started pleading

She turned around

Her face was full of life

But her soul was bleeding

I was in awe

I was in shock

The door slammed

Like the mouth of a croc’

Everything we had

It is now out of stock

I’ve turned my dear beautiful watch

Into a broken clock

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About the Writer
Cameron Thomas, Copy Editor/Staff Writer

Cameron Thomas is a junior from the small town of Port Gibson, Mississippi. He serves as one of the copy editors and a staff writer. Other than The Vision,...

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