Thomas: 2019 Super Bowl…Worst of All Time?


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Cameron Thomas, Copy Editor

The commercials, the halftime show, the trash-talk, the memes, the parties and, last but certainly least, the game itself are all reasons why the Super Bowl is the most-watched television event in the United States annually. Anybody who is somebody watches it because no one wants to be that person confused the next day at work/school while everyone else is discussing its contents.

However, we put all of that hard work and money into gathering snacks just to allow Super Bowl LIII to leave a bad taste in our mouths, being the most boring Super Bowl to date.

Let’s rewind back to where this mess all started: the NFC Championship scandal. The Saints and the Rams played a rather entertaining game for the most part, and then a series of some of the worst calls in NFL history hit the Saints like they’d been sinning. This divulged an amalgam of enraged Saints fans and rumors about having a rematch.

By Thomson200
Own work, CC0,

These rumors soon evaporated, and the bad calls were just swept under the rug. This led most NFL fans to not even choose a side for the Super Bowl due to the fact that most people were tired of seeing Tom Brady winning and the Rams didn’t really deserve to be there. This made the pregame trash talk dry and bland, as if no one really cared who won other than Patriots and Rams fans.

Once the actual game started, I sat and watched and watched… and watched some more, searching for the smallest thing to attain my interest, yet nothing was there. I can say without any regret that watching popcorn pop in the microwave for three consecutive minutes was far more entertaining than sitting and watching the game. In fact, one could argue that the game was watching me.

Even as a fan of football, I felt insulted by the monstrosity that was displayed on one of the biggest stages in mainstream television. I mean, the score was 13-3; this was the lowest scoring Super Bowl in NFL history.

However, there was excellent defense displayed from both teams, so it couldn’t have been that bad, right? You, my friend, would be wrong. The halftime show put the moldy cherry on top of the already spoiled milkshake.

Initially, Rihanna was supposed to take the stage for this year’s Super Bowl Halftime Show, but due to her loyalty to Kaepernick and his movement, she rejected the offer. Therefore, Maroon 5 took her place, which was not a bad replacement.

The highly anticipated performance began rather satisfying, for they gave snippets from some of there most popular songs, but it all went downhill when Adam Levine took off his shirt. It changed from a classic Maroon 5 performance to a scene from an off-brand “Magic Mike.” He started moving awkwardly as if he couldn’t decide what he wanted to do.

Also, Tom Brady has yet another ring. He’ll probably run out of fingers to put them on before the Rams see another Super Bowl. It isn’t like he’s going to retire any time soon at the rate he’s going.

Overall, watching Super Bowl LIII was almost as entertaining as watching paint dry. Will next year’s Super Bowl have more in store? It can’t get any worse…right?

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