MSMS Welcomes Class of 2021


Courtesy of Tiwaniya Tyler

MSMS students welcome the Class of 2021.

Cameron Thomas, Copy Editor

The newly admitted students of the MSMS class of 2021 traveled from their hometowns to attend this year’s New Student Orientation on Saturday, Apr. 27. Unlike Interview Day, where students were earnestly attempting to solidify their acceptance, New Student Orientation gave the sophomores a chance to meet their official classmates, choose their classes for the upcoming school year and get a gist of the MSMS life in general.

The students received their decision letters in the first week of April. This year, sophomores decided to publicize their acceptances. Videos of students opening their acceptance letters were shared all over social media. Incoming junior Xavier Black received almost 6,000 views on his acceptance video.

As the day approached, the emissaries, faculty and staff prepared tirelessly to ensure that they would be prepared for the new students. An emissary meeting was held Thursday afternoon to assign them different jobs.

“I felt really excited about the new incoming junior and the new opportunities they’re getting next year,” said senior and emissary Alexz Carpenter. “I am so glad to see that MSMS is improving so that each incoming class can have a better experience.”

The day began in Nissan Auditorium. All of the incoming students and their parents sat and listened to the staff explaining rules, fees and the course catalog. After a slight introduction to the different aspects of MSMS life, the students left Nissan and journeyed to Hooper Academic Building for open house, the new students’ opportunity to get first-hand insight from the teachers about classes.

Meanwhile, current juniors lobbied around the outskirts of Hooper and Hogarth, trying their best to get to know their future juniors.

“I’m really looking forward to meeting to this new junior class. They seem like my type of people,” said junior Amyria Kimble.

Some saw it as an opportunity to prepare themselves for the “emissary lifestyle.” “I woke up really early in the morning because I was really excited to meet my new juniors,” said junior Russell Thompson.”I was sure to give them positive yet honest advice about choosing the right classes and life at MSMS in general. My roommate and I even gave a small tour.”

The emissaries held icebreakers in Hogarth; seniors, current juniors and future juniors participated. They played games like “Ninja,” “I’ve Got Mail,” and “Concentration.” The new juniors had the opportunity to mingle with their future seniors and grand-seniors.

Incoming juniors were excited and nervous all at the same time. “Today made me feel like this opportunity is more real,” said incoming junior Anh Nguyen. “It also kind of scares me because the classes that I signed up for are kind of difficult. I don’t know what to expect.”

The next time that the future juniors and seniors will meet will be August 3.