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2017-2018 Staff

Mariat Thankachan


Hi there! My name is Mariat Thankachan and I'm Co-Editor- in-Chief of The Vision. Aside from writing and editing articles, I enjoy painting landscapes, playing tennis, and petting puppies. After I graduate from MSMS in 2018, I...

Yousef Abu-Salah


My name is Yousef Abu-Salah, and I’m Co-Editor-in-Chief of The Vision. Aside from writing and editing articles, I really enjoy programming, exploring neuroscience concepts, playing soccer, and managing my other clubs through...

Vivienne Tenev

Graphics Editor, Senior Cartoonist

Hello! I’m Vivienne Tenev, graphics editor and senior cartoonist. I like art (as you’ve probably inferred from my illustrious titles), taking care of animals, partaking in amateur sports matches, and reading. This is my second...

Brady Suttles

News Editor

Hi guys! My name is Brady Suttles. I am 16 years old and am from Meridian, Ms. I am the news editor for the Vision. I enjoy watching Game of Thrones and The Big Bang Theory. I went to Clarkdale High School and was a member of...

Helen Peng

Student Life Editor

Hello, my name is Helen Peng, and I am the Student Life Editor here at the Vision. I am a junior here at MSMS and originally from Starkville, MS. I love writing and although I do not have a lot of experience with journalism, I...

Sage Schaumburg

Entertainment Editor

Hey guys! My name is Sage Schaumburg, and I'm a current Senior at MSMS. My official unofficial job is Poll Creator (because I love polls), but my official title is Entertainment Editor. If you find me at a time that I'm not having...

Aurelia Caine

Sports Editor

Hello everyone! My name is Aurelia Caine, some may know me by Scooby, and I'm the Sports Editor of The Vision. I enjoy playing multiple sports and hanging out with friends and family. I serve in positions in several clubs like...

Kevin Liao

Opinion Editor

Hey! I’m Kevin Liao and I’m the Opinion Editor for the 2017-2018 Vision. I have no prior journalism experience but I’m super excited to dip my hand in writing. I’m really interested in biology, in particular human medicine...

Keely Brewer

Photography Editor

Hey! My name is Keely Brewer and I am a senior at MSMS. I'm a Photography Editor for the Vision. I'm also a part of Photography Club, Film Club, Forgotten Stories, Yearbook Club, and Astronomy Club. I also really love reading!

Alexz Carpenter

Social Media Editor

Hello! My name is Alexz Carpenter and I am assistant Social Media Editor for The Vision. I am from Laurel, Mississippi, and I used to attend Northeast Jones High school. I love to do all typical nerdy things which include: read...

Dev Jaiswal

Copy Editor

Hello everyone! My name is Dev Jaiswal,  and I am from the beautiful town of Louisville. I love anything that has to do with food, languages, words, computers, fantasy books, basketball, and astronomy. Other writing for The Vision,...

Olga Goupalova

Copy Editor

Hi! My name is Olga Goupalova and I am a senior Copy Editor for The Vision. I also write articles and draw the occasional cartoon. My hobbies include drawing, reading and playing musical instruments; right now, I am learning electric...

Victoria Gong

Copy Editor

Greetings! My name is Victoria Gong, and I am a copy editor for the Vision. I'm a junior at MSMS this year, and I love learning and writing, although I have never had any prior experience with journalism. So I'm excited to delve...

Gary Nguyen

Assistant News Editor

Hey! My name is Gary Nguyen, and I am the Assistant News Editor of The Vision.  You can pretty much describe me in two words – chess fanatic.  Aside from indulging in the classic game, I enjoy spending my free time playing...

Hayden Stokley

Student Life Editor

Hi! I'm Hayden Stokley, The Vision's Student Life Co-Editor. I'm a senior from Laurel, Mississippi, who loves writing. I'm active in the MSMS Mock Trial team, Photography Club, Yearbook Club, and French Club. I'm interested in...

Peter Nguyen

Assistant Copy Editor/ Assistant Entertainment Editor

Hey there! My name is Peter Nguyen, and as of this year, I am the assistant copy editor and assistant entertainment editor. I am from D’Iberville and am currently a junior at MSMS. I enjoy doing anything related to K-Pop, whethe...

Kerrigan Clark

Photography Co-Editor

Hey! My name is Kerrigan Clark and I'm one of the photography editors of The Vision. I enjoy reading good books and painting more than anything.  After graduating, I plan on double majoring in political science and english.  I...

River Gordon

Staff Writer

I'm River Gordon, and this is our newspaper. I'm here with my old man, Yousef and my teacher Mr. Richardson-. Everything in here has a story and a price. One thing I've learned after two weeks - you never know WHAT story gonna...

Timothy Lewis

Staff Writer

Hiya, I'm Timothy Lewis, staff writer at The Vision. Some hobbies of mine include video games, reading, chemistry, and studying medicine. Sleeping is also super important! After I graduate, I hope to go into the medical field...

Likhitha Polepalli

Staff Writer

Hello world! I am Likhitha Polepalli and currently a junior at MSMS. I came from Northwest Rankin High School in Flowood, Mississippi.  I enjoy listening to K-pop (especially BTS), reading books, crocheting, and making crafts....

Elizabeth Smith

Staff Writer

Hello! My name is Elizabeth Smith and I am in the MSMS graduating class of 2019. I love to read, promote self health and environmental protection, and learn languages. I hope to one day graduate with a linguistic science major...

Michelle Luo

Staff Writer

Hi, I'm a junior at MSMS. I like cooking and watching movies and occasionally writing and drawing. I hope to contribute to The Vision this year with photographs, articles and comics.

Arin Kelly

Staff Writer

Hey! My name is Arin Kelly. I am a part of the class of 2019 at MSMS. I am a part of the MSMS Vision staff as a staff writer. My favorite past time is to laugh and eat. I enjoy being very lazy and eating in my bed while watch...

Jilkiah Bryant

Staff Writer

Hello! My name is Jilkiah Bryant and I am a staff writer for The Vision. Other than being a staff writer, I enjoy spending time with friends and family. After I graduate from MSMS in 2019, I plan to go into the medical field....

De'Arius Jefferson

Staff Writer

Hello, my name is De'Arius Jefferson and I am sixteen years old. I am from Columbus, MS, and I am a staff writer for The Vision. I enjoy biology, chemistry, and physics. I am a junior here at MSMS and I really love science. My...

Nique Hairston

Staff Writer

Hey  my name is Nique Hairston. I am a staff writer for journalism at MSMS. My hobbies consist of modeling and singing. I plan on going into the career field of biochemistry to be a pharmacist. There's a huge world of enjoyed...

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