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Madison Meeks

Madison Meeks, Staff Writer

Madison Meeks is a senior hailing from Yazoo City, Miss. by way of Greenwood, Miss. She is a huge fan of A Different World, Strawberry Lemonade Sunkist, Anita Baker, and Black Excellence. Her greatest pride on the MSMS campus is fulfilling all of her “Madam Prez” duties and serving her peers in every way that she can. Being a “retired” athlete, Meeks enjoys sports and dreams of becoming a sports commentator for all sports—in her fifth life. Her ultimate goal in life is to become an endocrinologist—and part-time accountant, entrepreneur, and mentor-- and to inspire the people in this world to switch their paradigms, gain new perspectives, and challenge their intellectual capabilities in order to achieve the success they desire for themselves. In the meantime, she enjoys listening to all types of music, writing for The Vision, and stressing over schoolwork.

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