MSMS esports finds victory against Starkville High


Dalton Rainer

MSMS’s esports team for League of Legends beat Starkville High School by winning the first two matchups.

Vineeth Vanga, Staff Writer

The MSMS esports team has continued to push forth their victory streak. On Nov. 17, MSMS’s esports team for League of Legends triumphed over Starkville High School. In the best out of three matchups, MSMS’s team was able to sweep the match, winning the first two games quickly. 

League of Legends is a team based game where the main objective is to destroy the enemy team’s nexus before they can destroy yours. This is done by destroying checkpoints on the enemy team’s map called turrets through coordination with one’s team. The game has over 150 champions to choose from that are categorized into five roles: Top, Jungle, Mid, ADC and Support with each of the roles having special subclasses under them such as enchantress, tank or even assassin.

This isn’t the first time that the MSMS esports team has experienced victory on the rift. Earlier this month the team similarly swept Pontotoc High School with a positive k/da, short for the kills, deaths and kill assists of a player, of 58/15/60. 

One of the standouts in the match against Starkville was the Blue Wave’s starting AD Carry senior Jack Standard, who had a k/da of 25/2/15 which was the highest in the entire game. Standard achieved this feat on the champion Jhin, an AD Carry that is typically played in the bot lane that normally utilizes a mechanic called fourth shot for the majority of his damage.

This feat stands out even more due to the fact that the role Standard plays, ADC, is considered the most mechanically intensive role in the game. 

Standard shared his experiences with playing ADC.

“The hardest part about ADC is making sure you have proper teamfight positioning and game knowledge to watch out for cooldowns. Luckily, Tyler and I managed to get a lead very early on in the laning phase, and it became exponentially harder for the enemy to capitalize on our mistakes,” Standard said. 

It wasn’t just Standard that performed beyond expectations in the match. Junior Tyler Huang, who was the support for the team, also had a strong performance on both champions Thresh and Nautilus, two champions that excel in picking off targets. Huang had an overall k/da of 7/4/28 which is a high k/da among support players. 

Huang opened up about his experiences playing support

“The toughest part about playing support is definitely knowing your cue on when to be aggressive or conservative in any fight. To gain that awareness, I think it’s important to form a tight synergy with your team,” Huang said.

Huang also revealed that there were reasons as to why he chose the champions he did and what gave him and his ADC the edge over Starkville High’s bot lane. 

“The plan with Thresh and Nautilus was to have a major damage soaker on the battlefield, but also to generate a lot of pressure with crowd control. I think the winning edge me and my ADC, Jack, had against Starkville was the communication we had both in and out of combat,” Huang said.

The team looks forward to future matches on the rift and is hopeful to keep this streak of victory going.