“Birds of Prey” is a breath of fresh air


Warner Bros. Pictures [Fair Use]

“Birds of Prey” features Harley Quinn and is the eighth film of the DC Extended Universe.

Henry Sanders, Staff Writer

Remember Halloween 2016? No? Well the only memorable thing about it was the fact that every girl around the world wore the same Harley Quinn outfit: blue and red pigtails with a “Daddy’s Little Monster” t-shirt. Prepare for the future to repeat itself as the psychotic, insane, manic, beautiful, delusional Harley Quinn once again springs into the cultural spotlight with the release of “Birds Of Prey.”

When I walked into the movie theater with candy shoved up my sweatshirt, I wasn’t expecting much from a DC movie. Everybody knows Marvel rules the superhero cinematic craze. However, “Birds of Prey” gave the DC universe a much needed boost of popularity. 

“Birds of Prey” knows exactly what type of movie it is: a chaotic comedy starring a lethal clown who owns a hyena and somehow has a PhD in psychology. The movie’s uniqueness stems from its main character Harley Quinn as it explores her path of gaining back her independence after her breakup with the Joker. Harley’s backstory is explained, further developing her as a complex character.

The all-female cast of heroines crushes the stereotype that all meaningful superheroes are males. The message of gaining independence helps spread a positive message about what modern day feminism is really about. By incorporating superheroes to be more inclusive of women and minorities alike, “Birds of Prey” slowly changes people’s image of what a superhero should look like. 

The action in “Birds of Prey,” is ridiculously fun, bringing about conflicting feelings of being thrilled and disgusted. For instance, Harley Quinn repeatedly kicking men in the crotch did put a smile on my face, but I know the pain all too well. The movie definitely portrayed the pain of that quite accurately. Various aspects of the move like this one makes you feel like you’re a part of the action as the characters take every punch and kick. 

Harley Quinn wasn’t the only stunning performance, however. Ewan McGregor’s interpretation of Black Mask is also Oscar-worthy. McGregor’s character Black Mask, ***formerly played by Obi Wan Kenobi, is cynical in a way different from Harley Quinn. While Harley might hurt your face, Black Mask will peel it off–literally. 

I’ll admit it, I clapped at the end of the movie. “Birds of Prey” wasn’t the best movie I’ve ever seen, but it was something I never knew I needed to watch. It’s only expected that Harley Quinn will return in the near future considering she’s a fan favorite, but can DC create a unique enough universe to compete with the billion dollar Marvel industry?