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Ross: ‘Dune,’ ‘Holdovers’ top best-of movie list

Graphic by Atticus Ross
Promotional material for “Anatomy of a Fall,” “Dune: Part Two,” “The Iron Claw,” “The Holdovers” and “Civil War” are shown above.

The school year has been jam-packed for every person involved at MSMS; for that reason, students might have missed many of the amazing films released this year. Here are some of the best movies viewers should catch up on during the summer.


“Anatomy of a Fall”

With a body, a dog, French people, 50 Cent and a wife on trial for suspected for the murder of her husband, “Anatomy of a Fall” has it all. After her blind son discovers his father’s dead body, the film explores the possibilities of this incident, leading to the revealing of secrets and honest truths of these characters’ relationships. Director Justine Triet creates one of the most gripping courtroom dramas in recent memory, driven by a stellar screenplay. The film follows Sandra Hüller’s character, who shows off one of the best performances of the year. The viewer questions the strength of her relationship with her husband, shown through flashbacks that correlate to her testimony. This creates one of the most fascinating films of the year as Triet dissects the marriage of this couple through a trial that asks the audience if she is guilty or not.


“The Holdovers”

“The Holdovers” is not the average Christmas flick one might be used to; however, it is now a classic that is perfect for the holidays. The film follows a pompous schoolboy, his abrasive history teacher and a grieving cafeteria cook who find a sense of family as they have to stay at their boarding school over winter break. All three stars — Paul Giamatti, Da’Vine Joy Randolph and acting newcomer Dominic Sessa — are great and make this film funny yet heartbreaking. Director Alexander Payne goes for a 1960s/1970s aesthetic along with a New England winter setting that creates a sense of timelessness. The film is really about connecting with others you wouldn’t expect to. Payne brings the feelings of joy and melancholia many feel during the holidays and creates a heartwarming ride as the audience follows the protagonists attempting to have a memorable Christmas. 


“The Iron Claw”

One of the best films of the year happens to also be one of the saddest. “The Iron Claw” is a tragic true story about the Von Erich wrestling family dynasty. This is a type of film not seen too often: a film about brotherhood, with some fans jokingly remarking that this is a “‘Little Women’ for boys.” Zac Efron is front and center here, and to the surprise of many, he heavily carries this film with an awards-worthy performance. His brothers, played by Jeremy Allen White, Harris Dickinson and Stanley Simons, are vital to the film’s emotional core and are also very well cast. One might wonder, is there actual wrestling? The answer to that is yes, and the fight choreography does not disappoint. All this is to say that this film deserved more attention during the awards season and is another win for A24.


“Dune: Part Two” 

“Dune: Part Two” picks up directly where the first left off, with Timothée Chalamet’s Paul Atredies stranded on Arrakis. He begins to follow the native Fremen people, who slowly begin to see him as their prophesied messiah. Director Denis Villeneuve’s passion project seamlessly translates Frank Herbert’s classic sci-fi novel to the big screen. This is a story of a war that has lasted decades and has mainly been for the fight for power over all Houses, found in the spice on Arrakis. The film’s star-studded cast includes Zendaya, Javier Bardem, Rebecca Ferguson, Austin Butler and Florence Pugh, and all reign in great performances. These mix nicely with the great production design and VFX which brings this world to life. “Dune: Part Two” is not only one of the greatest blockbusters of the year but also one of the greatest adaptations of our lifetime. Read the entire review of “Dune: Part Two” here


“Civil War” 

Alex Garland’s most recent film, “Civil War,” is A24’s biggest yet. The larger budget allows Garland to depict a torn-apart modern America full of evacuated and devastated cities, all seen through the eyes of war photojournalists. The film has garnered divisive reactions, mostly in part due to Garland not taking political sides or filling the audience in on all the details that started the Civil War; the movie immediately throws the audience into its world and subtly drops hints throughout as to how this nation became so divided. What makes this film work is how tense it is. As the characters travel from New York to Washington D.C. in hopes of being able to interview the president, many road bumps make it difficult to get there. The acting is also excellent, but Kirsten Dunst — who plays an experienced war photographer — and Cailee Spaeny — who plays an amateur one — leave the audience with the most impact. Jesse Plemons also makes a cameo appearance and, with his frightening character, steals a scene more intense than most horror films today. Even with its slight faults, “Civil War” is an experience that will leave you rattled and wondering what would happen if a modern-day Civil War were to take place.

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Atticus Ross is a senior from Starkville. He likes to listen to/watch entertainment. 

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