Munoz: Top Pop Culture Moments of 2024

Graphic by Helena Munoz
Graphic by Helena Munoz

Taylor Swift’s “Karma” lyrics change: 

Taylor Swift Eras Tour – Arlington TX (via Wikimedia Commons)

Taylor Swift spiced up her Eras Tour concert in Buenos Aires by giving her song “Karma” a twist. Instead of the usual lyrics, she sang, “Karma is the guy on the Chiefs coming straight home to me,” a nod to Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce. Swift and Kelce were first seen holding hands on Sep. 24 after she attended her first Chiefs game to support the 6-foot-something football player. The sight of the two together ignited a mania among Swift’s fan base, affectionately termed Swifites. Kelce’s jersey sales quickly skyrocketed by 400%, a prime example of consumerism and the Swifties’ ability to buy as much unnecessary merchandise as possible. Despite Kelce’s I.Q. being up to par with an eighth grader, he somehow managed to pull off one of the best gold-digging moves since Meghan Markle married Prince Harry. Congratulations to him, as he is now the latest must-have accessory in Swift’s collection, and his name is finally on the map!



Jojo Siwa’s rebrand:

Jojo Siwa on the iHeart Awards 2024 (via Wikimedia Commons)

Jojo Siwa’s recent pivot to a forced bad-girl era by leaving behind her ponytail and bows proves sometimes bullying is the only right answer. Flooding every compilation of the cringiest pop culture moments with her “Karma” music video featuring some eyebrow-raising dance moves and a hairstyle reminiscent of George Washington, Siwa seems oblivious to the fact that she’s become the internet’s punchline. Despite facing mockery for her voice, tattoos and makeup choices (in short, everything), Siwa remains steadfast in her belief she’s the epitome of coolness, even claiming to be a genius lyricist despite not having penned any of her songs. Her unwavering confidence is certainly something to admire.


Kate Middleton’s disappearance:

Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge in 2019 (via Wikimedia Commons)

Kate Middleton’s mysterious disappearance from the public eye sent the internet into a frenzy of conspiracy theories. The rumors first sparked when Prince William abruptly canceled appearances and Middleton was abruptly scheduled for abdominal surgery, but everyone on the internet went bananas when the Royal Palace shared a photoshopped picture of Middleton and her kids, with theories ranging from the Royal Family covering up her death to Middleton joining the Kardashians after recovering from plastic surgery. Despite reassurances from the Royal Palace, the memes and theories about Middleton pulling a “Gone Girl” and refusing to come out until William left his mistress continued to multiply. Every mom was on TikTok and X making videos, convinced Middleton was getting revenge on William and divorcing him because he was no longer hot. I personally believed she was out and about looking for William’s hairline, but it turned out she was just losing hers. Oh, well, I was close enough. One thing is for sure: Middleton’s “alleged” disappearance garnered so much attention, I might just plan mine next time I need attention.


Lana del Rey working at Waffle House: 

Graphic by Helena Munoz

Just when I thought Waffle House couldn’t suffer worse PR than customers stripping and fighting or employees using utensils to style their hair instead of flipping pancakes, Lana Del Rey’s sudden urge to experience a simple girl’s life for half a day by making an unexpected appearance at a Waffle House in Florence, Alabama, was the icing on the cake. Given her status as a mega-rich pop star, seeing Rey wearing a waitress uniform and serving waffles to regular folks without stopping to vape or cussing them out was astonishing. At least we know Rey had enough money to eat that day. Maybe Joe Alwyn could use some pointers from Rey since he’s still jobless.  


“I am Kenough” hoodie: 

Graphic by Helena Munoz

Ryan Gosling’s portrayal of Ken in “Barbie,” along with his “I am Kenough” hoodie, quickly became a religion, particularly among single middle-aged mommy-boys. Ken’s evolution from hopeless romantic to self-acceptance counselor for his fellow Ken dolls reached its peak with this colorful fashion statement. Gosling’s hoodie slogan quickly became a viral sensation, flooding TikTok’s comment section with the phrase “You are Kenough.” This serves as a reminder even plastic dolls can have existential crises — and further reminds us all that everyone, even women, are “Kenough.”



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