Coronavirus survival guide

Ada Fulgham, Student Life Editor

While quarantine can be boring, and it’s been sad being away from MSMS, I’ve found that being isolated from the world has given me some time to relax and revisit some old habits. With all the anxiety surrounding the issues in the world outside the safety of our homes, we all deserve to have some time to ourselves and make the most of this pretty scary situation. So, even with all of the Canvas notifications piling into my inbox, I’ve found some ways to unwind that I personally want to share, as well as a few tips on staying mentally healthy during quarantine.

Just tips to stay sane:

-PSA: This is really wild!!! This whole crazy world pandemic is happening, and any feelings, anxiety, fears and confusion you’re having are valid. This whole thing is really unique, and so whatever your experience is, just know that you’re not alone and there’s no right/wrong way to feel.

-Keep up your fitness and you’ll feel a lot better.

-Stay up to date and informed, BUT don’t let all the news make you start spiraling. Log off for a bit. Try not to check the news (even on Instagram) when you get up in the morning or right before you go to sleep so you can give yourself a break.

-Communicate with people! Try to stay connected, not just for yourself, but for others who are feeling isolated.

-Consume healthy media outlets when you do log on.

-Pick up some hobbies. Anything that you’re interested in, or anything that relaxes you.

-Just keep going, even if it’s with little steps.

-Keep away from people physically (6 feet!), and keep washing your hands. We’re trying to keep everyone safe even if it’s just small things.

Re-watch childhood films

I’ve been binge-watching Studio Ghibli films lately, basking in the nostalgia and amazing soundtracks of my childhood. I’ve also been re-watching some of the goodies-but-oldies (Disney films) like “Mulan”–so stealing your friend’s Disney+ password could potentially unlock a wealth of nostalgia.* Just sitting back and soaking in the warm and fuzzy feelings of watching all the movies you loved as a kid can definitely keep the boredom and anxiety of quarantine away, and I thoroughly recommend it.

*”The Vision” is not responsible for any stolen passwords (Netflix, Disney+, or otherwise) during this time.

Binge some new movies/shows

While childhood films are calming to watch, sometimes you just need a little excitement (especially when you’re so bored you don’t know what weekday it is). Although I always have my own faves, I really think you should check out Lily Langstaff’s list of top movies and shows.

Branch out your music taste

Branching out and trying new music is always a good idea, but especially now that times are a-changing (scarily fast) trying new things like music can really ease the transition. It can also be a good way to interact with friends and family by asking for music recommendations; honestly, asking people what their favorite artists are, or what music got them through a tough time, is a really great way to get to know people better. I’ve also been experimenting by actually clicking on those random music video recommendations that YouTube throws at me, and I’ve made some really great discoveries that way. Also if you have a Bluetooth speaker lying around, a dance party (to heat up and cool down) isn’t that far off, right?


When libraries announced they’d be closing because of the pandemic, I almost had a breakdown. Books are amazing ways of spending time with yourself, especially when you and your family members start getting short tempers from being cooped up. Even though a lot of us are now having to live off of our own book collections, don’t doom yourself to continuous re-reading; you can still feed your inner bookworm through audiobooks on Audible, Spotify, and some other online options (the Scribd app is offering free audiobooks for the crisis, and library sites like Hoopla Digital, Big Library Read and the BorrowBox app all have online libraries of ebooks available to anyone with a library card).

Catch up on all the sleep lost at MSMS

Honestly, what more needs to be said? Take advantage of the privilege of being able to sleep in your own bed, and pamper yourself with sleep playlists and meditation sessions in order to make up for all those MSMS late nights.

Enjoy going outside

Again, need I say more? You’re at home now, with no yellow or orange cards to sign off on. Going on long walks is a safe way to make sure you don’t feel too trapped in your own house–as long as you stay 6 feet away from anyone you meet on the street. While gaming and watching Netflix are pretty addictive, being active and getting enough vitamin D is also essential to stay mentally healthy as well as physically.

Strengthen connections to family/friends

Everyone who is at home with a loving and supportive family is honestly blessed, and I’m sending out good vibes and love to anyone who feels trapped by their home situations right now. Whatever your situation is, remember that family means more than just biological, and keeping strong connections to friends and being sure to check up on everyone you care about is especially essential right now. Personal connections are going to keep us stable during this time, even if it’s just sending a meme to a friend, or baking with your parents/siblings. We’re all going through a lot, and just knowing that none of us are alone is calming sometimes.