Juniors arrive with mini fridges, IKEA shelves (Junior move in 2019)


Elijah Dosda

Senior Violet Jira carries in a pack of water during move in day.

Elijah Dosda, Photography Editor

Saturday, Aug. 3, marked the start of The Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science’s academic year with the move-in of new juniors accepted through the previous year’s rigorous admissions process. The Emissaries continued a school tradition by assisting the juniors with unloading all of the items for their new homes. 

Move-in Day began at 8 a.m. with junior Trevor Allen, a new resident of Frazer Hall’s second floor. Allen won a Priority Move-In as part of a raffle held during New Student Orientation, so he was able to move in early. 

Elijah Dosda
Trevor Allen won a raffle during New Student orientation in April.

“Waking up at 4 a.m. was not fun,” Allen said, having driven from Desoto County earlier that morning, “but getting here and being first in the dorms was definitely worth it.”

After the Priority Move-in, the Emissaries focused their efforts on assisting those moving into Goen’s fifth floor, completing the move 15-20 minutes before the scheduled arrival of fourth floor residents.

They split into two teams to help move in residents of both Frazer and Goen. Throughout the rest of the morning, Emissaries continued to unload vehicles strapped down with fridges, IKEA shelves, bins full of clothes and other belongings. 

Creating a calm and efficient system was a priority for the seniors this year. Initial Emissary training meetings had them reflect on their experiences when they moved in and prompted a discussion about whether the “blazingly-fast” approach from last year was a little intimidating for parents and family. 

Elijah Dosda
Emissaries swarm one of the first arrivals to Goen Hall.

Seniors Cameron Thomas and Will Sutton took the helm, making sure to more clearly establish a connection with the parents and inform them of the move-in process.

“Move-In is a whirlwind of emotions,” Emissary Ryley Fallon said. “I’m glad we could make it easier for them.”

After moving in, junior Andrew Ignatious explained how his fears were put at ease by the community.

“I didn’t think that everyone would be so nice and outgoing,” Ignatious said.

Soon after moving in, the first steps of orientation began for the juniors, a process discussed by the article here.