Upside Down

Aiden Leise, Staff Writer

I step outside and I look around.

Is it me, or the world, that is upside down?

My head’s on the ground with my feet in the clouds.

I’m stuck in a labyrinth with my string all unwound.

Of course,

Direction doesn’t much matter when you’re upside down.


So I look down at the sky.

Is this my chance to finally fly?

If I sink down so low, does that get me high?

I tell myself yes, to solid ground, I say bye.

Of course,

Soon, I’ll find out my-self-reassurance was a lie.


When I get to the top, I once again look around.

I find there isn’t a good soul to be found.

Unknowingly, I begin to fall up, fast approaching the ground,

And when I land, I land face-down.

Of course,

It’s hard to tell what won’t be true when you’re upside down.