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Weekly Horoscope: The Signs as Disney Villains

River Gordon

Aries – Hades (“Hercules”)
Hades giving sass.

Taurus – Claude Frollo (“Hunchback of Notre Dame”)
Claude Frollo making faces in the snow.

Geminis – Queen of Hearts (“Alice and Wonderland”)
The Queen of Hearts plotting a plan.

Cancer – Ursula (“The Little Mermaid”)
Ursula doing her makeup.

Leo – Cruella de Vil (“One Hundred and One Dalmatians”)
Cruella de Vil drives towards her goals.

Virgo – Hans (“Frozen”)
Love is an open door.

Libra – Evil Stepmother (“Cinderella”)
Evil Stepmother drinking her tea.

Scorpio – Maleficent (“Sleeping Beauty”)
Maleficent shows what MSMS students look like without sleep.

Sagittarius – Gaston (“Beauty and the Beast”)
Gaston shows off little game.

Capricorn – Captain Hook (“Peter Pan”)
Hook playing with his mustache.

Aquarius- Jafar (“Aladdin”)
Jafar shows off the list of homework assignments MSMS students procrastinate.

Pisces – Shadow Man (“The Princess and the Frog”)
The Shadow Man dances with his inner demons.

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