Movie Review: Black Panther

Theatrical release poster

Theatrical release poster

Nique Hairston, Staff writer

Marvel studios released their latest movie “Black Panther” on Feb. 16. The movie highlighted the natural beauty of Wakanda, featuring the royal values and culture of the African region. I was also drawn to the different tribes within Wakanda that the movie showed. The tribes had the relationship of a family and were there for each other through various life obstacles.

When conflict came about in “Black Panther,” the story line took a wonderful turn. The movie wasn’t predictable and average. There were countless entertaining action shots consisting of warriors fighting in battle. The movie incorporated current issues affecting the nation to tell how Wakanda’s knowledge and resources could improve and help other countries, which showed how the level of advancement that Wakanda has compared to other countries.

The movie was not just a superhero movie, it gave powerful and insightful messages. Being the first African American superhero-based movie produced by an African American male, it was evident that the viewers were all eager to come out and show their support for the production. With the social media attacks on the movie being African American based, I was pleasantly surprised to see a diverse audience who came out to support the screening of the movie.

One line from the movie script that stood out to me was, “Bury me next to my ancestors in the ocean that jumped off the ship because they knew that death was better than bondage.” This quote was seen by many children as just apart of the scene when someone was killed, but to me and many others, this line refers to our slave ancestors that jumped off the ship on the way from Africa to America because they knew that dying would be better than what was waiting ahead for them.

I would encourage all ages and races to see “Black Panther.” It’s a very powerful movie with a deep meaning, leaving a message for the youth and uninformed while also providing adventure and entertainment. This is undoubtedly a movie that I would pay to see more than once.

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