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Student Spotlight: Anna Grace Dulaney

Courtesy of Anna Grace Dulaney

Courtesy of Anna Grace Dulaney

Hayden Stokley, Student Life Editor

Whether she’s rushing to Sonic for a chocolate milkshake before room check, interning in the labor and delivery unit at a local hospital, or hanging out in the student lounge, Anna Grace Dulaney radiates enthusiasm and excitement. This week’s edition of the MSMS Student Spotlight shines on Dulaney, a senior from The Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science Class of 2018, and all of her various interests. Dulaney is originally from Tupelo, Mississippi, where she lives with her two dogs, three cats and two fish. She also lives with her two younger sisters.

“Living in a building full of girls,” Dulaney remarked. “…is somehow quieter than living in a house with two younger sisters.”

Dulaney decided to apply to MSMS because

Living in a building full of girls is somehow quieter than living in a house with two younger sisters.”

— Anna Grace Dulaney

she wanted a more rigorous and challenging school curriculum; essentially, she sought “better opportunities” for a more in-depth approach to science and math topics.

“The way I see it, if the government is going to require me to go to school, I might as well get the most out of it.”

When Dulaney arrived at MSMS as a newly-accepted junior, she was reserved, but the community atmosphere quickly allowed her to grow and adapt. She remarks that “before I got here, I was very shy and not very outgoing.”

“MSMS has definitely forced me out of my shell, but in a good way,” Dulaney stated. “Now, I have tons of friends and love to sit in the lounge and socialize with my classmates.”

Most of Dulaney’s time is spent engaging in academic pursuits. She stays busy after the school day studying for classes such as AP Physics or American Poetry. She mentions that her favorite class offered at MSMS is Contemporary Literature, taught by Dr. Thomas Easterling, because the discussions “were very intense but fun.”

Her classwork and subsequent homework is usually prioritized, along with the other educational experiences she participates in. Dulaney is involved in the Mentorship Program exclusive to MSMS, which pairs students with local businesses and professions around the Columbus area. Her experience took her to the labor and delivery unit of the local hospital.

“I saw a lot of life brought into the world so there’s that.”

Dulaney’s work, however, isn’t finished at the end of the school day.

“I spend ALL of my free time doing homework,” Dulaney stated.

However, she quickly adds, “No, that is not true. I am definitely joking.”

In fact, Dulaney always includes time throughout her day to enjoy the variety of extracurricular activities and hobbies she is involved with. She especially enjoys reading and watching movies and TV shows on Netflix. Her love of film has been a passion since her childhood. Reading, as well, has always been one of Dulaney’s favorite pastimes.

“It’s really hard to pick a favorite movie considering I have like 50 DVDs just in my dorm,” Dulaney stated. “‘Heathers has been on the top of list since eighth grade.”

Movies are a huge part of Dulaney’s life.

“They are definitely a hobby for me in many ways,” she expressed.

“Whether it be through collecting DVDs or making a point to go the theater.”

In fact, Dulaney’s love for film translates into her extracurricular activities; she is even the Co-President of the MSMS Film Club.

“I am most active in Film Club, which makes sense since I’m Co-President with Frannie!”

In Film Club, participants “meet every other Wednesday and watch cool movies,” such as “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” and “Inglourious Basterds.”

“I think you can learn a lot from a good movie and there is definitely beauty to be found in the art,” she stated.

At the end of the day, Dulaney unwinds by listening to music. Her playlists contain a vast variety of different genres and artists.

“My favorite music is like a big mixture of very different stuff,” she said. “For example, right now I mostly listen to The Rolling Stones, Nirvana, and Khalid. And SZA! All very different.”

Ultimately, Dulaney has enjoyed her year and a half at MSMS. She “love[s] MSMS because it feels like family. It may be stressful, but it’s worth it.”


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