MSMS 101 Tackles ‘Triple Trouble’


Likhitha Polepalli

Ms. Latoya Bledsoe presented the MSMS 101 classes a presentation on drugs, alcohol, and sex.

Helen Peng, Student Life Editor

“Drinking, Drugs and Sex” illuminated the PowerPoint display in bold black letters, perhaps reflecting students’ shared initial weariness of Mrs. Latoya Bledsoe’s presentation for this week’s MSMS 101 seminar.

The week of Jan. 20 through the 27, MSMS students poured into Rm.206 to attend their weekly MSMS 101 class. MSMS 101 can be most accurately described as a class where students learn the in-and-outs of how to have the best high school experience at the state’s most rigorous school. Classes discuss topics ranging from stereotypes to smart decision-making to how to write the proper email.

Despite this week’s seemingly unpleasant topic of “Drinking, Drugs and Sex,” students were pleasantly surprised, not only with the content, but also the presentation. Instead of a strict lecture that enforced the absolute negativity of alcohol, drugs and sex, Goen Hall Director Latoya Bledsoe entertained students with stories of former students who chose to make bad choices and the consequences that followed.

The Classes of 2012 and 2009 were the spotlight of Bledsoe’s presentations, as she described them as “something else,” with an added shake of her head.

“Surprisingly, I really enjoyed this topic. I expected to be cringing the whole time but instead I was laughing,” junior Sarena Patel said. “I also learned that everyone is in a relationship, with themselves at the least.”

Nonetheless, while Bledsoe’s presentation was entertaining, it still got the point across. Especially with Mississippi’s higher percentage of teenage pregnancies and high-school dropouts, students believe informative seminars like this is important, no matter the redundancy.

“The consequences of drugs, sex and drinking were always assumed for me. Having them explicitly stated with real-life examples was pretty enlightening,” junior Likhitha Polepalli added. “Ms. LaToya’s stories were entertaining which was a plus.”

Unlike your typical anti-sex drugs and alcohol seminar, Bledsoe also made sure to point out that “all people make mistakes.”

“All these students are doing well in life,” she stated during the presentation.“Everyone makes mistakes.”

Bledsoe plans to hold a wellness seminar for seniors on a similar topic.