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A Night of Wonder at Winter Formal

Students took snow globes back to the dorms as winter formal souvenirs.

Students took snow globes back to the dorms as winter formal souvenirs.

Dev Jaiswal

Dev Jaiswal

Students took snow globes back to the dorms as winter formal souvenirs.

Dev Jaiswal, Copy Editor

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A nearly full moon lit up the cool night. A soft, chilly breeze rustled the trees.

And in upstairs Hogarth, MSMS students danced the night away in a winter wonderland.

A buzz of emotions defined the MSMS student body this week. Juniors and seniors alike conversed excitedly about Saturday’s upcoming Winter Formal. Throughout the school hallways, people could be heard talking about what they were going to wear and making plans about who and how they were going to ask someone to the dance.

In preparation for Winter Formal, two ballroom dance sessions, counting as wellness seminars,  were hosted by Goen Hall’s Nisa Moody and seniors Sydney Matrisciano and Alex Monterde. Matrisciano and Monterde showcased the Waltz on Monday night and the foxtrot on Tuesday. The seminars were held in upstairs Hogarth, and the many attendees created an atmosphere full of the resounding laughter that comes when couples bash into one another as they put one foot in front of the next.

Matrisciano commented on how the idea to host the ballroom dance seminar came about, “Last year, Mrs. Nisa asked me if I’d be interested in leading one because she knew I’d done cotillion and knew how to dance and stuff when I was younger.”

Matrisciano has been ballroom dancing for six years.

Saturday soon waltzed around. The anticipation only escalated as the girls donned their dresses and heels, and the guys suited up in blazers and ties in the residence halls. Many MSMS students went out to eat in the surrounding Golden Triangle prior to returning for  formal.

Courtesy of Dr. Heath Stevens

The circle of students begins to form. This circle soon grew to include almost all at Winter Formal.

Juniors Lane Hughes and Dairian Bowles both expressed excitement about the dance.

“I can’t wait to go dance with all of my friends,” expressed Hughes.

Fifth-floor Frazer resident Dairian Bowles donned his suit and tie for the formal.

“I feel like it’s going to be a good time. I like dressing up, ya know?” said Bowles.

Festivities commenced at 6:30 p.m. Saturday night.

From 6:30 to 8, students were invited to come have their picture taken by MSMS counselor Dr. Heath Stevens in downstairs Hogarth as parents from PLUS hurriedly finished setting up the decorations. Hogarth became a Winter Wonderland dazzled with ornamented Christmas trees, pink-ribboned presents, snow-laden walkways, and Christmas-light clothed staircases.

Juniors Cade Burton and Edith Marie Green commented on the decorations.

“The decorations were nice, especially the ones upstairs,” said Burton.

“I thought the decorations were pretty and that the committee and parents did a really good job of making it feel exactly like a ‘winter wonderland’,’” expressed Green.

Senior Rosie Andrews expressed her thoughts of the food served.

The food was really good!  There was a lot of variety, from fried rice to pizza to miniature sandwiches,” said Andrews.

Senior Drew Lindsay agreed with Andrews on the great variety of food available.

After enjoying the parent-provided meal and sampling some fruit punch from the fountain, MSMS students climbed the stairs of Hogarth. Once upstairs, the students handed in their tickets and cast their ballots for Winter Formal court before proceeding inside to the dance.

The dance started out slow, but the crowd grew larger as the night went on. A variety of songs were played, from dance classics like The Cupid Shuffle, to more energetic hip-hop/rap songs such as “That’s What I Like,” “Rockstar” and “iSpy,” to slow dance songs like “All of Me” and “Love Me Like You Do.”

During the slow dances, it wasn’t just couples on the dance floor. Many groups of five or six could be seen huddled up and slow dancing together.

Junior Indu Nandula was part of one such huddle during one of the slow dances. She explains that the insisting that no one feels left out is what makes MSMS different from other high schools.

“Never in my life have I met people who are more real and more true than the friends I have made here,” expressed Nandula.

Senior Kenadi Freeman and Juniors Chylar Gibson and Mia Parker commented on the song selection during the dance.

“The music was very nostalgic and reminded me of every middle school dance ever, but I thoroughly enjoyed the dance and had a great time dancing!” Freeman expressed.

Parker “really liked the music” that was played at winter formal, but found the air horn that blared between songs a little off-putting.

Gibson loved “getting to hear a little bit of everyone’s favorite music.”

“I would say that I loved the music selection. I liked that it wasn’t just one type or style of music, there was a little bit to reach everybody,” said Gibson.

The energy was at its highest around the midpoint of Winter Formal. A small group of six or so students all held hands and danced around in a circle. Their circle soon grew to include almost everyone present at Winter Formal. Students all held hands and ran at each other, only to run right away and prepare to barrel at each other once more.

Junior Maria Kaltchenko thought the circle dance was a beautiful bonding moment.

I do believe that this was the most energetic part of the dance. The reason for this is that what started off as a small circle soon grew and grew until all of the students united into one laughing, dancing, elastic circle.”

Around 10:30 PM, Mr. Rick Smith, Director for Student Affairs, announced the Winter Formal Court. Juniors Madison Wypyski and Alan Elgin were crowned Winter Formal Princess and Prince. Seniors Vivia Davis and David Thaggard were crowned Queen and King.

Princess Madison Wypyski expressed her gratitude for being crowned as part of the Court, “It was very exciting! Thank you to everyone.”

King David Thaggard also commented on his crowning, “To be crowned as king of winter formal really just capped off an amazing night!”

The two couples led the next slow dance.

The energy from the circle dance and crowning of the Court continued into the final thirty minutes of the dance. Some of the final songs played  included “I Gotta Feeling,” “Anaconda,” and “Low.”

As students began to file out, Lindsay offered his opinion on the dance as a whole. “I thought that winter formal this year was very well done.”

King David Thaggard also summed up his experience at Winter Formal, “My Winter Formal experience was amazing this year! I got to spend it with all of my best friends. We ate amazing food, took lots of pictures, and had an awesome time dancing.”

Thaggard also said he enjoyed wearing what he called “the most ridiculous suits” with friends Cody Welborn, Tate Howard, and Daniel Leetran.

Students were encouraged to grab  a final cup of punch, some leftover food, and a snow-globe souvenir before leaving Hogarth Saturday night.

This was the last MSMS winter formal for the senior class.

The next MSMS dance will be the Sadie Hawkins Dance. It is the only MSMS dance where traditionally girls ask guys. It will likely be held in February.



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