Engineering Club Reboots for the Year


Helen Peng

This is one of the 3-D printers in the engineering club shop working on one of several MSMS heads for Super Night by request from Mr. Spike Harris, the Assistant for Public Relations and Admissions Counselor.

Alexz Carpenter, Social Media Assistant

The Engineering Club has big plans for the upcoming year that are not only limited to Engineering Club members, but also of interest to the MSMS student body as a whole.

Daniel Smothers, President of the Engineering Club, states that they are working on a poll that will determine whether they can get a pinball machine in the residence halls or an escape room. This is only one of the plans for this year, and the Engineering Club has history of breakthroughs. Last year, the club rebooted and gained several new technologies, including three 3D printers, a welder, a CNC router, and more.

Despite the excitement of all these new gadgets, Smothers says that safety is top priority.

“We geared up a lot last year. This year, we are about teaching the students how to use the tools, how to do their own projects. We want a lot of personal motivation and leadership to be taken up amongst the students themselves, but if they do need help as to getting ideas, we’re here to help,” Smothers explains.  

There are many competitions that the club will be participating in that require collaboration with other clubs. For example, they will take part in the Catapult competition with the Physics Club and in December, Santa’s Workshop with FBLA. With the help of Mr. Josh Crowson, club sponsor, they are hoping to be much more active this year.