‘Glittering Grove’ provides MSMS with a prom night to remember


Iris Xue

The Junior Class Officers, from left to right Historian Muno Singh, Secretary Vic West, President Iris Xue, Vice President Jules Gallo and Treasurer Asher Rials, pose at the MSMS 2023 Glittering Grove Prom. The Junior Class Officers planned various details of the event throughout the year to ensure it was memorable for the MSMS student body.

Stella Savell, Staff Writer

MSMS students gathered at The Depot as they attended the “Glittering Grove”-themed prom on April 15. 

Prom tickets, featuring artwork created by junior Vivian Peng, went on sale two weeks prior, and almost 200 tickets were sold, greatly exceeding the estimates of the class officers. 

“When all the decorations we discussed and ordered earlier in the year came in and we began setting up all the decorations at The Depot, everything we had planned came together and the beauty of prom really began to shine,” Junior Class President Iris Xue said. “On the day of prom, the officers and I started setting up the venue at 9 a.m. and only finished at 3 p.m., and between those hours, we saw how all our work throughout the year paid off.” 

The junior class officers spent the day of the dance decorating the venue in fairy lights, flowers, mushrooms and vines to create an enchanted atmosphere for the night. 

Students entered at 8 p.m. to a room with picture stations, with props and a garden backdrop, and tables with goodie bags filled with fans and rubber ducks. When students walked through the doors of The Depot, they presented their tickets to junior class sponsors Alison Alexander and Andy Snyder, and cast their votes for prom royalty. 

The dance and refreshments room opened for students shortly after 8 p.m. Students then filed into the refreshments room to see finger snacks, including cookies and desserts, and into the dance room to see strobe lights and the DJ. 

For the majority of the night, the dance floor was densely packed with students as the DJ took song requests. Students danced to songs including “Stir Fry,” “Peaches” and “Smoking Out the Window,” and the Blu Knightz and Blu Diamondz occasionally circled the dance floor strolling. 

The dance was then temporarily stopped for the senior walk, an MSMS prom tradition where seniors dance their way through the venue as a final tribute to their school experience. 

Following the senior walk, prom royalty was announced. Seniors Everett “C.J.” Mason Jr. and Madison Echols and juniors Noah Lee and Lisa Seid were crowned prom royalty. 

“I’m delighted everyone at prom had an amazing time,” Xue said. “The junior class officers received overwhelmingly positive feedback from both juniors and seniors about the entire event, and I’m happy the officers and I could create such a memorable and magical night for our student body.”