Senior confessions, wills and legacies 2023


Caleb Youngblood

MSMS seniors reveal their next steps on College Reveal Day. This year’s seniors had several legacies and wills to leave behind, as well as some shocking confessions.

Maryann Dang and Stella Savell

Editor’s note: All information displayed was collected by The Vision staff through Microsoft forms sent to seniors. Confessions and Advice were anonymously submitted by seniors and copied verbatim to this article. Wills and Aspirations contain names of students who wish to leave some part of their MSMS legacy to a junior and what the senior aspires for in the future, respectively.

Senior Legacies 

  • Dylan Randall: “I’m so very grateful for my experience at MSMS, and I would not be where I am today without it. I love the community, classes, clubs and opportunities here, and I’ll always cherish the days I spent here. I hope everyone will keep reaching for their dreams and working toward their goals whether still at MSMS or moving on. Stay true to yourself, paws up and never stop shooting for the stars!!”
  • Ozzie Caddell: “These last two years have been the best of my life. To say I’m grateful to be here is the understatement of the century. I have met the most amazing people while here. I am especially thankful for the friends I made, including my roommate Chase. I don’t think I would’ve made it through without him. I want to say thank you to my teachers as well. Without the care and effort that they make, I would’ve fizzled out long ago. I am most thankful for Nora Courtney. She has been a friend to lean on in the hardest times. I have never felt so welcomed around a person.  Find people. It is worth every second to get to know someone. Trust me.”
  • Jon Kiesel: “Attending MSMS has been the best thing that has happened to me thus far. For both years, I have had some of the best teachers I could never thank them enough, and I will never forget their names. I’m also glad in predicting that my senior year was going to be my best year, and I was right about it ten times over. I will also admit that I found some of my best friends here at MSMS. I did not expect to find myself conversing in multiple friend groups and participating in so many clubs and events with them. I also found more of myself through them, finding myself a role in the community as almost everyone’s peer tutor. I wish every year could have been like this one. My junior year was certainly not the greatest, but I’m glad I persisted through that long enough to enjoy and graduate this one. Maybe this pattern will continue at Mississippi State, and I feel the same chills I did when first arriving at MSMS, but having been through everything once, I feel prepared to take on the world as an adult, one year at a time.”

Senior Confessions

  • “I was never asleep by 11:59 P.M. nearly every night :O *gasp*” 
  • “I dyed the entire shower with hair dye.” 
  • “I know all the words to ‘Astronaut in the Ocean.’” 
  • “Without exaggeration, I’ve probably studied for Quiz Bowl 10 times more than I’ve studied for classes.” 
  • “I cheated on my first-ever test at MSMS.” 
  • “When I forgot to take out the trash before room inspections, I hid the bag in the work service closet.” 
  • “I forgot to apply to Columbia and just tell people I got rejected.” 
  • “I have many, many Hogarth forks and spoons.” 
  • “I made a 30 on a test that I knew all the questions to beforehand :(” 
  • “I was going to drop out of MSMS junior year, but my mother wouldn’t let me because she had already paid my tuition.” 
  • “Nobody that rides with me ever signs out I feel like most seniors only sign out when they’re driving.” 
  • “I cooked grits on someone’s bed. The grits hit tbh.” 
  • “I eat soap.” 
  • “If you don’t understand something that’s okay because I don’t understand half the stuff I was taught.” 
  • “One time I went to the MUW cafeteria and I was peacefully eating a salad when I heard a bloodcurdling scream. Someone across the dining hall found a big, large juicy caterpillar in the mixed greens at the Salad station. I went to my dorm room as quickly as I could and I cried the whole night long. The next day, everyone was posting the picture of the giant caterpillar on Snapchat stories and by that point, I deleted my social media and went MIA for a few days. The trauma from that has forced me to never eat at the cafeteria ever again. It’s been 3 months on ramen, I don’t know how I survived but I did :)” 
  • “I may or may not have cheated in every single class I’ve taken <3” 
  • “I was definitely the one on the elevator after 2 o’clock.”

Senior Wills

  • “I, Lexi Holdiness, will Cheniya Nicholson my tradition of never being on campus; use it with great responsibility. I will the purple Northwestern University lanyard to the next Editor-in-Chief(s) of The Vision, Sebastian Harvey and Iris Xue; you’ll both do great.”
  • “I, Dia Kher, leave Lisa Seid, Vincent Wang and Julia Nguyen with the compassion and gratitude that they have given me to pass on to their juniors. I hope that your senior year encapsulates dancing until your feet hurt (even if your back hurts, Vincent). Lisa, you’re my little munch (aomp). Julia, I hope you and Cabro don’t die.” 
  • “I, John David Hagood, will Sebastian Harvey the honor of being Ceremony of Lights’ sacrificial goat stabber.” 
  • “I, Jon Kiesel, will to Landon Tu, Iris Xue, Jackson Williams, Rushyendranath Reddy Nalamalapu, Eric Macasek and Levi Stevens the best of luck and the remnants of mine in all of your future accomplishments you will acquire in your senior year, both in and out of competitions. I promise that as long as you keep looking forward toward what you can become that you will at most shed tears of joy when you look back at who you were and see how much you have transformed.” 
  • “I, Richard Zheng, will to Gavin Weinstein my AP Physics C test prep book whose pages are left unturned in my wake but perhaps may serve you well. To Gavin, I also leave my Taco Bell menu of combos one through three that I had acquired over my adventures across Mississippi. To Sebastian Harvey and Roman Luckett, I grant you access to the wealthy sum of (three) speed sticks I have amassed over my time here at MSMS; I hope, with great celerity, that you use these well. To Jules Gallo and Noah Lee, I bestow upon you my luck from the Quizbowl gods (if there is any left); may your future be lined and stocked with powers and 30s.” 
  • “I, Andrew Liu, will to Andrew Grieve, the cactus, which was bestowed to me by Andrew Yu, that Andrew will bestow to Andrew, that has been sitting in room 509 all year because I, Andrew, forgot to grab it at the beginning of the year.” 
  • “I, Chloe Dobbins, will to Ava Grace Noe, Kelvin Pool and Vivian Jordan the fate of the creative writing scene at MSMS; it’s in your hands now. To the juniors of the Quizbowl team, I leave my geography knowledge (someone has to know the difference between Cuba and Jamaica now that I’m gone). Also, I leave my AP Physics C workbook to whoever wants it since I sure never used it.”