MSMS: Students unharmed in reported ‘disturbance’ at Columbus track meet

Sebastian Harvey, Staff Writer

MSMS students were unharmed during a disturbance during a track meet at Columbus High School, a school administrator announced Thursday.

Director of Student Affairs LeAnn Alexander sent an email regarding the situation and the safety of students to parents Thursday after the incident. Alexander’s email did not disclose the nature of the disturbance but did say it caused “widespread panic.”

There was some sort of disturbance among the spectators that caused widespread panic. ALL of our students are safe, a little shaken, but unharmed,” Alexander said in her email. “I was with them as well as Coach Hunt [Holdiness] and Coach [Veleria] Scott. Our bus was parked right outside the gate and we were able to get everyone on quickly and exit the campus.

“I don’t have any details of what actually happened, but our main priority was getting everyone safe and sound back to MSMS. I know this affects only a small number of our students, but we are a family and I wanted to ensure everyone was aware,” she continued in the email. “I’ve spoken with all students and let them know we have resources available to them. Everyone seemed to be ok, but I will check back in tomorrow. Unfortunately, things like this happen beyond our control. We do our absolute best to keep our students safe.”

The Vision will provide updates about the incident as they become available.