White: What your favorite Valentine’s Day candy says about you


"Valentine's day flat lay with gift boxes and sweet candies" by wuestenigel is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

Valentine’s day candy is a go-to gift for many on that special February holiday. What does your preferred treat say about you?

Addie White, Graphics Editor

As America’s favorite corporate holiday falls among us, one thing stands tall above the rest: candy. Candy is a staple gift for Valentine’s Day and those lucky valentines that have touched enough grass to find themselves someone special. With that said, this is what your favorite Valentine’s Day candy says about you!

Conversation hearts:

Boring! JK. Just because you’re the standard doesn’t mean you need to be anything more. Who doesn’t love a classic? You’re a calm, comfortable person, and you are always there for people when they need you. You are a reliable, solid shoulder to cry on. You kinda taste like chalk, but we love you anyway. Also, do you listen to Taylor Swift? Thought so. 

Chocolate boxes:

I don’t know how it’s possible, but you’re sweeter than all of the chocolate in the world. You love variety and are never afraid to spice things up with new outfits, new ideas or maybe even a new playlist in the morning. The world is yours to take, and you take it graciously with a smile and a wave to those around you. You are, in a sense, perfect valentine material, but don’t let that get to your head. Not everyone likes all of the flavors you have to offer (looking at you, strawberry cream).

Heart-shaped lollipops:

Hello, unconventional-yet-respectable human beings. Not many people think of choosing this candy, except for the few that really like to pay attention to detail and appreciate the smaller things in life. You consider yourself a bit of an oddball, but you have a beautiful, unique soul that is impossible not to appreciate. You don’t see this candy too much, though; hoard much? 

Custom-made candy:

Do you think you’re better than everyone else? No one else does. Props to you if you found someone who thinks you’re cool enough to deserve something worth work, but the rest of us will stick with our $2.99 bag of pink M&Ms.