MSMS Students Spend ‘A Night in Ancient Greece’ at Winter Formal

Students gather in Hogarth Auditorium for music and dancing.

Maryann Dang, Staff Writer

On Dec. 3, MSMS students took off their lab coats and put on their tuxes and dresses for the annual Winter Formal, where they danced, ate and partied during the “A Night in Ancient Greece”-themed event. 

The dance was planned and executed by the Winter Formal Committee, composed of juniors, and MSMS’s Parents Lending United Support. Both groups worked over the past few months to make Winter Formal successful, meeting whenever they could to plan the dance. 

Junior Lisa Seid, head of the Winter Formal Committee, said she was proud of what the committee was able to do with what they were given. 

“I feel like this year’s Winter Formal was a pretty good success,” Seid said. “Everybody knew about it, and the ticket sales were good. Everyone loved the decorations, too.” 

For the most part, MSMS students had a good time at the formal. 

Junior Maple Griffin said she appreciated the break from assignments.

“It was so fun having time to dance and hang out with friends in a setting separate from the stress of schoolwork,” Griffin said. “It was a little hot and loud, but [it was] totally worth it.” 

Many of the seniors who attended last year said this year’s Winter Formal did not disappoint in comparison. Senior Braedon Rothert said he had just as much fun this time as the last. 

“I thought this year and last year’s Winter Formal were pretty good,” Rothert said. “I know that me and the people I talk to had fun, so what more can you ask for?” 

However, students did have some minor complaints about the dance. When asked about their experience at Winter Formal in a schoolwide survey, many mentioned they disliked the music. Some criticized the choice of music, while others complained about the volume being too loud. 

Senior Simon Riggle said the loud music was overwhelming. 

“The decor was nice and pretty and the food was good, but the music, just like last year, was way too loud,” Riggle said. “Both this year and last year, I could hear the music clearly as I was walking away early. It was super overwhelming, and I got a massive headache afterwards.” 

About 10:30 p.m., the Winter Formal Royalty was announced. This year, seniors CJ Mason and Kadie Van took home the crowns for king and queen, respectively, and juniors Ean Choi and Lisa Seid won prince and princess, respectively. This system of gendered royalty brought up questions of inclusivity. 

Senior Addie White said the gendered voting was the biggest flaw of this year’s formal.  

“Winter Formals are always kind of mid,” White said.

Nevertheless, Winter Formal 2022 ended on a high note, with many MSMS students saying they made memories they won’t easily forget in the coming years.

Junior Julia Nguyen said the event was exactly what the student body needed before the rigorous exam season.  

“At the time of the Winter Formal, I feel like everyone was stressed out about upcoming exams and projects,” Nguyen said. “So, having the Winter Formal was a good stress reliever for everyone, so they could just have some fun during a stressful time.”