Lewis gives fans relatable content with ‘Goodbye’


Harald_Krichel CC BY 3.0 [Wiki Commons]

Dean Lewis returns to the sad pop genre with his single “How Do I Say Goodbye.”

Ray Taylor, Staff Writer

Dean Lewis’ “How Do I Say Goodbye,” released on Sept. 2, hit Billboard’s Global 200 within the first week of its release. As his third single from the album The Hardest Love, Lewis is winning the popularity contest in the sad pop genre.

The Australian singer-songwriter uses this song to help him come to terms with his father’s recent death due to cancer. He tells his story through Instagram and TikTok. Lewis holds his father very close to his heart, so it was hard for him to let go. Lewis shows this through this touching song produced in his honor.

“He was always my best friend and the person I looked up to the most,” Lewis said.

Many fans reacted to the song with heartfelt relatability and a deep connection to their emotions. They shared their stories of losing loved ones through various social media platforms and how this song helped remind them they are not alone. The melancholy tone, however, does not get in the way of people’s joy of experiencing life with their lost loved ones.

This song gives me a way to remember everyone I have lost, just as it does for many other people. He puts his emotions into this to help cope with his feelings while also giving fans a sense of community. Listening to this helps people realize they are not alone in their experiences.

Tickets for his upcoming concerts are selling rapidly. The Sad Boi Winter Summer Tour will visit various locations across New Zealand throughout November. Later tour locations are all across Australia, so, unfortunately, Lewis will not be visiting the U.S. anytime soon.

While there was not much of a standard for Lewis to live up to when it came to his music, he still delivered a song appreciated by many music listeners. He is still in the beginning stages of his career, which started with “Waves” in 2016 and “Be Alright” in 2018. However, he has become very successful, and fans cannot wait to see what he brings to the table next.