White: What your favorite fall drink says about you


Andrés Nieto Porras CC BY 2.0 [Wiki Commons]

What does your favorite fall drink say about you?

Addie White, Graphics Editor

With the return of the fall season twisting among us, it brings with it one of the most important things to man: seasonal-specific drinks. Each fall drink is unique and tells a lot about the people who prefer them. Here is what your favorite fall drinks say about you.

Pumpkin spice anything

This drink is an undeniable cult classic. You ordering this makes the word basic a big compliment. Your barista probably already knows your name by how often you channel your seasonal excitement at the nearest Starbucks. You light up the room wherever you go, making sure to remind people of the positives of life and how good this drink is. It’s too bad pumpkin spice is only available for a few months.  

Hot chocolate

Would it be wrong to say nostalgia is your middle name? I don’t think so. You’re a lover of the classics and things that make you feel at home (especially at a rigorous school like this). You have a hard-working heart and a very, very patient soul, always wanting to find a bit of time to have life slow down and enjoy yourself.

Apple cider

Real talk: Who actually picks apple cider over the other options? Just kidding. You enjoy the little things in life, and you know how to appreciate uniqueness when you see it — not in a quirky, “I’m not like other girls” way, but in a much more accepting way. Did you probably order this drink because it sounds like fall? Yeah. Did you actually like it? Exactly. Regardless, you understand being unique is a good thing, and you know what makes you, you. Keep this in mind when you hear someone question your next drink order.

Iced brown sugar oat milk shaken espresso

You are part of an elite class of society, and you command attention wherever you go. When you walk into a room, it’s all eyes on you, baby. You know what you want, when you want and how you want it, no ifs, no buts and no coconuts. Most importantly, you understand fall isn’t a season; it’s a lifestyle.