Editorial: Be mindful when it comes to club commitments


The Vision

The Vision Editorial board presents their opinion on the MSMS club affiliation process.

Editorial Board

Clubs are one of the most important aspects of student life at MSMS, and a majority of students take part in at least one.

Each club offers students different experiences outside of the school’s standard curriculum. For example, Interact Club gives students the chance to participate in community service projects; Astronomy Club and the various language clubs provide students with a deeper sense of understanding about subjects they may be unable to get in the classroom; and NAACH Club, Drama Club and Strings Club allow students to showcase their creativity in the performing arts.

Despite the importance of clubs at MSMS, a similar issue surrounding them arises every year: Students sign up for too many clubs. In fact, this problem is so prevalent it is often considered a rite of passage among MSMS students, causing the issue to seem much less important than it is.

We believe students — especially juniors unfamiliar with the school’s workload — should take care to ensure they do not overload themselves by signing up for too many clubs, thereby avoiding burnout and being spread too thin throughout the year. 

When choosing clubs, we believe it is important to consider one’s current course load and other extracurriculars. AP and dual-enrollment courses are likely to be extremely time consuming, and ensuring one has enough time to study and complete homework and projects is crucial to succeeding in these advanced classes. Furthermore, students planning on participating in research and mentorships should make sure they will have additional time for those programs. 

We do not want to completely discourage students from signing up for clubs they are interested in out of fear they will overload themselves, but we believe it is important to remember each club has a different level of commitment. For example, clubs centered around hobbies, such as Cooking Club and Film Club, will be much less time consuming than clubs such as Drama Club or The Vision.

When signing up for clubs, we believe students should carefully consider their various commitments and make the best out of their time at MSMS. 

The Vision editorial board consists of Editor-in-Chief Lexi Holdiness, Co-Managing Editor and Opinion Editor Hangila Ceesay, Co-Managing Editor and Lead Copy Editor Chloe Dobbins, Co-Managing Editor and News Editor Madison Echols, Social Media Editor Sophie Hines, Graphics Editor Addie White and Entertainment Editor Christina Zhang.