MSMS Quizbowl team wins state championship

Lexi Holdiness, Staff Writer

The MSMS Quizbowl team — consisting of juniors Dylan Randall, Towery McNeil and Richard Zheng and senior Caleb Jenkins — is the state champion after winning April 9’s state competition at Itawamba Agricultural High School.

The team won the title after averaging almost 100 more points per game in seven rounds than the runner-up, McNeil said.

“We just rolled over everybody,” he said.

“We had a 7-0 record. I was the second top scorer, and Richard was the third top scorer,” added Randall, who is the group’s co-president. 

Throughout the seven rounds, the team experienced a myriad of questions. The team prepares with club meetings each Tuesday afternoon for practice. Before this particular competition, members ramped up their preparations in hopes it would pay off.

“I know Dylan, Caleb, Richard and I have all been studying a lot [by] working on our specialties and our team roles. We assembled a good squad for the tournament, knew what to learn and prepped for it,” McNeil said. “Even on the bus ride, we talked about T.S. Eliot and Chiang Kai-Shek to be well prepared.” 

During the competition, all the preparations came to aid the team. 

“I was a little worried going into the tournament because I didn’t know how tough the competition would be, but by the end of it I was feeling pretty confident in our abilities,” Jenkins said. 

Once the competition was over and MSMS had won, the team could breathe and reflect on their accomplishments. 

My absolute favorite moment was when we got a free pizza for winning. A close second would be when Towery and I did a Rick and Morty impression in one of the bonus rounds,” Zheng said. 

With the national competition conflicting with MSMS’s graduation day, the team might potentially send a junior team to compete. After state, the Quizbowl club was not completely done for the season. On April 27, the club hosted its second campus tournament where any MSMS student could sign up to compete. 

“The campus tournament was basically the same as last time, but it was still super fun. They had a Taylor Swift lighting round section, and that was by far my favorite part,” junior Nora Courtney said. 

The Quizbowl campus tournaments were hits among the student body. It is likely a new MSMS tradition is upon us for biannual student Quizbowl games.