Feminism Club added to MSMS’s ever-growing list of clubs


Jay Snodgrass

Two juniors started MSMS’s first-ever Feminism Club to celebrate women.

Madison Echols, Staff Writer

A new club has joined the ranks of the endless MSMS student-led clubs: Feminism Club. Led by two junior co-presidents Lexi Holdiness and Hangila Ceesay, the MSMS Feminism Club is dedicated to educating students on women’s histories and advocating for women’s rights. The co-presidents held the interest meeting on Nov. 17, inviting all students to join. 

Despite MSMS having a student body made up of 61% female-identifying students, some of the students at MSMS still feel overshadowed by their male counterparts, Ceesay being one of them. This feeling led to her role in the founding of the club. 

“MSMS is generally a STEM school, and I’ve seen where some people have that backward mindset where women can’t be as gifted as men in that field. I’ve even seen this play out in the classroom,” Ceesay said. “Also, after hearing of recent sexual assaults occurring on campus, we [Lexi and I] felt it would be beneficial for there to be a safe space to talk about these issues without it being taboo.”

Holdiness said advocacy and education are crucial to the club’s goal.

“The goal of Feminism Club is to educate students spread the idea that feminism is for everyone and it encompasses issues that impact everyone,” Holdiness said. “It is a ‘supporting women’ club. It’s a way to bring people together.”

The optimistic and enriching idea for Feminism Club that the two founders conveyed to the student body brought more than a dozen students to the interest meeting. Many of those in attendance had great things to say, and junior Hilldana Tibebu was one of them.

“I think it [the interest meeting] went amazing; I was very happy with the turnout,” Tibebu said. “I definitely plan to become a member of Feminism Club. Just from the interest meeting, I knew it was an environment of women and men supporting equality; what’s not to love?”

To ensure that the club appeals to all members of the MSMS community in a society where feminism is dominated by a white, cis-gendered female perspective, Holdiness and Ceesay have made plans to promote feminism for all.

“One of the first meetings we plan to have is one explaining that feminism is not just white women liberal feminism. It is for everyone, regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, social orientation or sexual orientation,” Holdiness said. “We also plan to talk about the many different branches of feminism, like trans rights because trans rights are also feminist rights.”

Ceesay said she and Holdiness have plans for cross-club events with Feminism Club.

“Lexi and I want to do meetings and events in collaboration with other MSMS clubs like BSA [Black Student Alliance] and GSA [Gender Sexuality Alliance],” Ceesay said. “I feel like when we talk about feminism, all people think about is cisgender white women, and by doing things with other clubs, we want to make sure that students understand that feminism is more diverse than what they perceive it to be.” 

Looking towards their future meetings, Ceesay had these words for the student body:

“Please join Feminism Club! It is available to anyone and everyone,” Ceesay said. “I promise you won’t regret this opportunity to learn more about women in history!”