‘Cocoa, Cookies and a Movie’ helps students relax before exams


Courtesy of LaToya Bledsoe

Cocoa, Cookies & a Movie gave students an opportunity to spend time with friends before exam week.

Everett "CJ" Mason, Jr., Staff Writer

The MSMS Spirit Squad and Residence Life Coordinator LaToya Bledsoe hosted the Cocoa, Cookies and a Movie event to allow students an opportunity to destress before finals and hang out with their friends on Dec. 11.

Students who attended the event in Hooper Auditorium got to view “Home Alone,” a holiday classic. Students were also provided with snacks – ranging from popcorn to sugar cookies to gingerbread cookies to hot cocoa. Although students still had to remain conscious of COVID-19, they were able to sit with their friends and watch the movie on the large screen.

Junior Georgia Gibson said she enjoyed the event and felt the movie gave her a sense of comfort.
“The movie night had a great atmosphere along with hot chocolate and cookies,” Gibson said. “It really was amazing being able to sit with my friends and watch a movie without being squashed watching on a laptop.”

Some members of the MSMS Spirit Squad also volunteered their time to assist with the setup and distribution of snacks. Volunteers such as senior Keynijah Sullivan operated the popcorn machine and kettle for hot cocoa. Not shying away from her duties as Spirit Squad President, Sullivan and other volunteers assisted sponsor Latoya Bledsoe in setting up and running the event. Sullivan said she felt the movie night improved her stress levels.

“Before coming in, I was pretty stressed, but when I worked on the hot cocoa and popcorn, I recognized that my stress levels were going down,” Sullivan said. “The irritation with the machines turned into laughter. I left the movie feeling relaxed and relieved – something I haven’t felt in a while.”

Although this event originally started as simply a residence life program for Bledsoe, Spirit Squad tagged along to co-host the event. This collaboration worked out well, and for the future, Bledsoe is hopeful to host more community events.

“It was great seeing the students laugh, enjoy hot chocolate, and relax,” Bledsoe said. “I look forward to hosting more movie nights in the spring, whether it be educational or social.”