MSMS closes out first quarter back in the classroom


Courtesy of Audrey Robinson

MSMS students are now able and required to live in the dorms full-time.

Natalia Igwebuike, Staff Writer

After the conclusion of the academic year’s first fully in-person quarter since January 2020, many MSMS juniors and seniors said they are adjusting to and enjoying on-campus life.

After the extended weekend for fall break, students completed the first academic quarter on Oct. 13. The second quarter began for students and faculty the following day.

The first quarter allowed MSMS juniors to get the full experience of what it’s like living on MSMS campus. Because of MSMS’s rigorous curriculum and COVID-19 restrictions, it may take time to adjust to the academic and residential life at the school. Fortunately, juniors seem to be acclimating well to life at MSMS, tackling both classes and connections with one another.

Junior Hilldana Tibebu said she found adjusting to classes difficult, but after learning to balance schoolwork and extracurricular activities, she plans to continue to manage her time to keep up with the school’s curriculum.

“It was super fast-paced, but I think that’s because in the first nine weeks, you kind of just set the stage for not only the rest of the year, but the rest of your life as an MSMS student,” Tibebu said. “I’ve learned very quickly that if [I] do not utilize weekend time, that week is just a bit harder for me, because not only have I not gotten as much work done for the class, but I’m also a little less knowledgeable about what we’re going to do in the next class because I’m so worried about getting last week’s work done.”

Due to the pandemic, seniors spent their junior year alternating between in-person classes on campus and online classes at home every quarter. This academic year will be the seniors’ first time officially staying on campus and attending class in person.

Senior Keynijah Sullivan said she is happy to finally stay on campus and appreciates the residential aspect of school that it offers her.

“One thing I can definitely say is that the Res Life staff always made me feel welcomed, virtually and physically,” Sullivan said. “I love how nice and approachable they are, especially if you’re bored or need someone to talk to. When it comes to being here on campus, I love how I’m getting a taste of the college experience, and we have a great amount of freedom here.”

Students have much to look forward to in the second quarter. Besides working on homework and participating in clubs, students can look forward to Winter Formal, Spirit Week and Thanksgiving break. This quarter is also when students will take the first final examinations of the year.
Junior Mia Penner said she is more than ready for what comes this second quarter and hopes to improve after the first quarter.

“The first quarter wasn’t kind to me, but I managed,” said Penner. “In some ways, I expect the second quarter to be better than the first and overall more eventful.”