Blu Knightz’s Game Knight fosters community at MSMS



Students enjoy a game night hosted by the Blu Knightz.

Hailee Sexton, News Editor

MSMS’s Blu Knightz held a Game Knight for MSMS students Oct. 7. The event, held in Hogarth student center, gave students a chance to connect with each other through board games and card games, as well as video games and dancing.

Following a recent Blue Knightz step performance, students said they are appreciative of the continuous activity of the team.

“I’m happy that the Blu Knightz get to do more this year with the student body,” senior Nala Nathan said. “I loved their performance the other night, and I really liked seeing the team connect more and hold more events.”

Junior Everett Mason, a member of the Blu Knightz, said he thought the night was a success.

“I felt the game night went extremely well,” Mason said. “Although there was a slightly lower turnout than what I expected, I think everyone who attended had fun playing video games and board games and watching the Blu Knightz and Blu Diamondz stroll.”

Senior Jordan Rogers said the event was set up well for its purpose.

“They had a lot of really fun games set up to choose from,” Rogers said. “And most of them were games you could easily play with a group, so it was a fun time for everyone to bond and be together. It was really fun to see everyone together having fun, and at the end we got to see the Blu Knightz and Blu Diamondz do parts of their step routine.”

Junior Maurisha Arnolds said she is optimistic toward the future of the team and hopes they will stay active throughout the year.

“I really enjoyed their performances so far,” Arnolds said. “And the game night was really fun. I normally don’t go to events that are held late, but I’m thankful I went. My friends and I played board games and watched the teams step for a while. I hope the Blu Knightz and Blu Diamondz hold more performances and events that I can go to, because my old school did not have a step team, so it is a fun and new experience for me. It gives us all great opportunities and times to share with everyone as MSMS students.”

Mason said he has high hopes the teams will stay active throughout the year.

“Though I can’t say what exactly our future plans are,” Mason said. “Just know we have plenty of community engagement and events planned and multiple opportunities to come see us step.”