MSMS students enjoy “Goen on a Retreat” during their weekend


Courtesy of Desiree Golden

Goen Hall residents enjoy a relaxing day of self care over the weekend.

Natalia Igwebuike, Staff Writer

With such a large number of students at MSMS, it can be difficult for them to truly get to know their classmates. To account for this, MSMS offers many opportunities to help students connect with one another, such as the recent “Goen on a Retreat,” an event for Goen Hall residents that gave students the chance to participate in food, fun and fellowship with each other.

The Sep. 25 event, hosted in Hogarth Auditorium, was created and hosted by resident assistants Taakya Bailey and Desiree Golden. The retreat began with the attendees giving themselves and each other manicures with nail polish and other supplies that were provided by the staff. Afterwards, they participated in a number of games and icebreakers while enjoying snacks, goody bags and each other’s company.

Bailey says that the idea for the retreat came from her passion for nails.

“I love doing my own nails and getting my nails done and I wanted to share that with others,” Bailey said. “I knew that everyone wouldn’t be interested in nails, which was the reason I included the games. Overall I just wanted a relaxing and fun environment for us to all get to know each other better and bond.”

Junior Trinity Watts attended the retreat and said she was happy to listen to her peers.

“I loved the get-to-know-you icebreakers,” Watts said. “It was nice learning about everyone’s different backgrounds, where they came from and their interests and knowing more about some of the people in Goen that I might not get to see every day.”

Students at MSMS often have busy weeks filled with difficult classes and heavy coursework. Events like this give students a way to relax and have fun while spending time with their friends and classmates.

Senior Rice Guigley said that the retreat was a great way to enjoy the break from his courses.

”It most definitely did help me relax and escape the stress of school,” said Guigley. “I was nervous about my Calculus homework, reading assignments, and Physics problems. It was nice to just to talk to people while painting my nails.”

Bailey said she was excited to see the way students built relationships with one another and with the staff.

“In the beginning everyone was a little reserved and closed off, but after playing a few ice breaker games the mood lit up,” Bailey continued, “I was very pleased with the way we all connected while playing Taboo and laughed and enjoyed each other’s company. So I hope everyone learned something new about every one that was there, and learned more about me as well.”