Res Life staff hosts Pop-in and Talk event


Tucker Jaudon

MSMS students talk with Ms. LaToya Bledsoe as they enjoy an early morning treat.

Kashama Mehta, Staff Writer

Numerous MSMS students recently started a weekend with friendly conversation and Pop-Tarts.

On Sept. 18, Residence Life Coordinator LaToya Bledsoe hosted Pop-In and Talk, an event for students to enjoy some delicious Pop-Tarts and chat about their MSMS experiences and school year thus far. The event was relaxing and interesting, as students were able to openly express opinions on classes, Res-Life and MSMS activities in general. Bledsoe was also able to gauge students’ interest in potential events planned for students throughout the year.

Many juniors said they learned from the seniors at the event, as they shared experiences of what life as an MSMS student was like during the 2020-2021 school year, in the midst of the pandemic. Although students still face restrictions due to COVID-19, the return of some normalcy with in-person classes and students on campus is a major relief to seniors. 

“It was eye-opening to see what the seniors experienced last year,” said junior Mira Patel. 

Events like this are very common at MSMS. In the past, Bledsoe hosted them with various themes, such as coffee instead of Pop-Tarts, and students received wellness points by attending.

“I wanted to do something creative in opening the door for students to express their thoughts about the MSMS experience so far.  The experience not only includes academics, but residence life as well. It is always a good thing to hear thoughts and views from students so we can adequately look at it from a student perspective,” Bledsoe said.

Senior Caleb Jenkins said the casual setting of the event helped students be more interactive and open in their conversations with each other.

“I feel like sometimes students don’t want to speak up about their troubles with residential life because they don’t want to bother the staff, so an open invitation to talk was really nice. I think those who attended all felt a little closer to Ms. Bledsoe and the rest of our Res Life staff by the end of it,” Jenkins said.