SGA senators announced for 2021-2022 year


Taylor Paige Wypyski

SGA announces the newly elected senators for the 2021-2022 school year.

Everett "CJ" Mason, Jr., Staff Writer

Within just the first three weeks on campus, the junior and senior classes have undergone the election process for the Student Government Association (SGA), and the outlook for the future seems to be much more positive than last year.

The election results were released officially on Aug. 27 and are listed at the bottom of this article.

Two juniors and two seniors from each floor of Goen and Frazer halls are elected to the Senate annually. These students must present a speech detailing why they should be chosen, and then their peers vote for who they think is most qualified. After that, they work with the other senators to write and pass bills and make changes around the school.

Newly elected senator Sephora Poteau, a junior, said she had mixed feelings toward the process of running for SGA Senate.

“My experience seemed very rushed as we were put under pressure to write, practice and perform a speech in the span of two days,” Poteau said. “Other than that, the members of SGA were very helpful in the process … they frequently and readily put aside their own time to help, and that really encouraged me to stay in the running so I could potentially be like those officers.”

This year also looks very different from last year. Last year, few Senate meetings were held in person due to the numerous restrictions that the COVID-19 outbreaks caused. With cases rising steadily, the school is still very wary of our procedures heading forth, but Djedjos said he feels confident about the future.

“I’m looking forward to Senate being fully in-person this year – barring COVID disruptions – compared to only being in person the last month of last year,” Djedjos said. “With a now-full Senate, we will try our hardest to continue making positive changes on behalf of the student body and the school.”

The student body is also looking forward to the future of the SGA and the changes it will make. When junior Aaron Sharp was asked what his outlook was for the current SGA, he said he is optimistic.

“I see them doing very good things,” Sharp said. “They have some good ideas for what to do in the future to make it better at MSMS. The team is very qualified.” 


Election Results:


2nd Floor: Richard Zheng, Andrew Liu, Zuyi Li and Lucas Yu

3rd Floor: Daniel Caton, Jaiden Ball, Jacob McGee and Tucker Jaudon

4th Floor: Willem Arnoldus, Vivek Nagaranjan, Hayden Anderson and Jacob Miller


2nd Floor: Hilldana Tibebu, Christina Zhang, Cadi Pannell and Elena Eaton

3rd Floor: Sephora Poteau, Danielle McConnell, Mackenzie Knighton Mikayla Jones

4th Floor: Mandy Sun, Natalia Igewebuike, Reagan Ishee and Stephanie Ressel

5th Floor: Shonice Oswalt, Geethika Polepalli, Rice Guigley and Kashama Mehta


*Editor’s Note: Nicholas Djedjos, Amy Zhang, Taylor Wypyski, Hayden Anderson, Tucker Jaudon, Christian Zhang, Cadi Pannell, Elena Eaton, Mandy Sun, Reagan Ishee, and Stephanie Ressel are all members of the Vision.