SGA interest meeting introduces students to Senate process


Nicholas Djedjos

SGA’s interest meeting attracted students from across the two classes.

Madison Echols, Staff Writer

After a year of virtual meetings and uncertainty, MSMS student body officers hosted the Student Government Association interest meeting in Hogarth Auditorium on Aug. 23 to welcome the potential senators and introduce new juniors to the world of MSMS student government.

The 2021-2022 student body officers were selected late last year. Seniors Nicholas Djedjos, Amy Zhang and Taylor Wypyski hold the positions of president, vice president and secretary, respectively; however, juniors and seniors alike were invited to the meeting to learn about the opportunity to become a part of the SGA Senate.

Like the actual U.S. governmental system you may learn about in your U.S. history classes, the MSMS SGA is composed of different branches, the legislative branch or Senate being one of them.

The student body officers led the meeting, explaining what they do and their responsibilities. They also overviewed the workings of the Senate and the upcoming elections in which both juniors and seniors can run to become a Senator of their floor. Candidates wrote speeches and presented them to their fellow floor residents on Wednesday and Thursday. Four students from each of the floors of Goen and Frazer halls (two seniors and two juniors) were chosen as Senators, and official results were released Friday, Aug. 27.

After being elected, senators work together to write and pass bills, which can change the handbook and directly impact the student body. This aspect of the SGA Senate is attractive to many MSMS students, including junior Addie White.

“I want to take action and make a direct difference,” White said. “I believe that writing bills for the Senate is the perfect way to directly help the school.”

Though White said she never wanted to be on the student council at her home school, the unique type of government that MSMS offers caused her to rethink and ultimately run for senator on her floor.

Another junior, Hilldana Tibebu, said she has a similar regard for SGA Senate.

“Nicholas and the other officers voicing some of the bills they personally made and passed and how they impacted the school as a whole inspired me to run for senator,” Tibebu said.

The meeting was not a long one, only lasting about 15-20 minutes, but despite its short length, the meeting had a lasting impact on the students.

White says, “The interest meeting made me even more excited than before to run for senator and hopeful for the upcoming year of MSMS SGA.”