Club Fair 2021 praised by juniors, seniors alike


Taylor Wypyski

MSMS students represented over 50 clubs and organizations at this year’s Club Fair.

Hayden Anderson and Hailee Sexton

Though this year has been full of surprises for seniors, one event wasn’t shocking at all: the annual club fair. Even though it wasn’t a surprise, there were still changes this year that many seniors were not used to, the biggest change being that it was held in person as compared to last years’ virtual club fair.

Though this year was a huge change for both juniors and seniors, many seniors said they felt accustomed to changes anyway. Vidhi Patel, president of Students Against Destructive Decisions club, thought the changes to this year’s club fair were for the better.

“It felt a lot better than last year’s [club fair],” Patel said. “I really enjoyed being able to make my poster and present what my club was all about. It felt a lot more personal than actually posting a video on a website like last year.”

It wasn’t just better for the presidents of clubs; many of the seniors preferred this type of club fair to last year’s online videos. Senior Balee Wilson felt it was a great way for both juniors and seniors to see this vital part of MSMS.

“I think it was a good way for the juniors to be able to see all the various clubs we offer,” Wilson said. “Even for the seniors, we did not know what some of the clubs were like, so it was a good experience for us as well.”

It wasn’t just the seniors having new experiences; MSMS’s club fair is completely different from many of the juniors’ home schools. Some schools don’t even have clubs, let alone offer the close to 60 clubs that MSMS does. Junior Abigail Parker said the club fair was a great way to engage with the clubs at MSMS.

“I thought [club fair] was really fun and interactive,” Parker said. “There were way more clubs than I thought there would be.”

While this was new for the seniors, some juniors felt as if the seniors had done this many times before. Junior Dia Kher felt that the seniors did a great job of recruiting people for their clubs.

“This year’s club fair was very good,” Kher said. “The club officers were very persuasive.”

Though next year will look different from this year, these in-person events are proving how much of the MSMS experience the seniors missed last year. Patel said she feels excited about the years to come.

“I’m sad that we didn’t get to experience this; however, I am really excited to see what these juniors will do for these clubs and whatever clubs they come up with in the next year at MSMS,” Patel said.