Still Woozy’s successful debut album does not disappoint


Taylor Wypyski

Sven Gamsky releases his first album under the stage name Still Woozy.

Hailee Sexton, News Editor

Still Woozy’s debut album, If This Isn’t Nice, I Don’t Know What Is, was released in August, and it is just what we needed in the realm of bedroom pop. Since then, the solo album by Sven Gamsky has gained millions of Spotify streams, and though the musical style of Still Woozy isn’t very unique, the album provides him with a strong platform to build on.

The first song I heard from the album is called “That’s Life,” and I was immediately hooked. It’s extremely catchy and overall a very relaxing song. When I wanted to explore the rest of the album, as well as Still Woozy himself, I listened to another song from the album, called “Kenny.” I thought this song was slower and more emotional, but it fit well in the album and its musical style. I found myself constantly listening to it, no matter what mood I’m in. “Kenny” ended up being one of his more popular songs, with just over 10 million streams, even more popular than “That’s Life,” with around 8 million streams.

“Window,” which is the eighth song on the album, gained the most streams since the release, reaching over 50 million. This song definitely sticks out to me — and clearly to others. Personally, this song in particular was good because of the large stylistic difference compared to the rest of the album. It presents more of a groovy, guitar-focused sound, while the rest of the album leans more in the realm of psychedelic/bedroom pop. Maintaining differences in genres and styles is so important when making an album because without some kind of variation, boredom is sure to ensue. Anyone listening to this album is taken on twists and turns of differences in style and instrumentation.

I did not particularly enjoy the songs “Get Down” and “All Along.” They were very boring and too similar to each other, especially considering their placement right next to each other on the album. They ran together and just did not stand out when listening to the album straight through. They would definitely be the songs that I would skip. However, when nearing the end of the album, the last song came on, called “These Days,” which I think is a really good song. It’s slower and presents a very calm and reminiscent vibe. “These Days” greatly made up for the two less outstanding songs and provided a soft but exciting end to the album.

With the large variety of hit songs, this album was definitely a great addition to its genre, and it increased Still Woozy’s exposure, expanding his platform greatly. The album itself gives listeners songs that are not only relatable but calming or exciting to listen to, depending on the track. This variety, along with the passionate lyrics, makes the album fantastic. I’m hopeful to see Still Woozy build off of this and continue putting his creativity out in the world for us to listen to.