Outer Banks season two deserving of its praise


Netflix [Fair Use]

Season two of “Outer Banks” is released on Netflix and maintains views with a fresh and exciting story.

Cadi Pannell, Multimedia Editor

During quarantine from March to July of 2020, Netflix reached its peak performance. At this time a number of slam-dunk series were released, many reaching number one on Netflix’s own top 10 in TV series. Outer Banks is no exception. It was released in April 2020, the peak of the COVID-19 lockdown. Many could not leave their houses, even for groceries. As a form of escapism, many turned to film to transport themselves to the world of the Pogues and the Kooks–Pogues being lower to middle-class people and Kooks being the upper class.

At the end of season one, Outer Banks viewers were left on a torturous cliffhanger. Everyone was left wondering about the fate of Sarah and John B and how their friends would cope with their “deaths”. After almost fourteen months, our questions are finally answered in season two.

Per the typical style of Outer Banks, we are sent through high-energy situations that no teenagers should experience. John B Rutledge and his girlfriend Sarah Cameron are on the run from police in the Bahamas after John B becomes a wanted man. We are cascaded into the world of rich, poor, truth, and lies throughout this season once again as the five main characters try to unravel the lies of their parents and past generations.

The newest season is truly one of insanity. Characters commit murder, tell lies and show their true colors, leaving many characters are left to wonder how to fix their crumbling lives. They’ve hit rock bottom and must find out how to get themselves out because their futures are riding on it. The five could land themselves life sentences in prison or a reputation that would ruin their chances of leaving Pogue-dom as they all truly want.

Just as in season one, we are left with another tumultuous cliffhanger where season three will presumably pick back up. This series is truly one to be watching if you haven’t already been. There is action galore, drama, and romance. Everyone can find something enjoyable about this popular TV show.

The styles of seasons one and two are very similar, as evidenced by the constant dramatized getaways, parental manipulation and control, and classism. Ward is still the same old male manipulator, Rafe is still a cold-blooded killer and the Pogues are still at the bottom of the food chain. As usual, John B is on the run and his network of friends, being the true heroes of this story, must work to see him out of it.

While the style of this new season was rather predictable, the storyline that is conveyed through said style is not. The cinematography was beautiful and the actors truly captured the emotions attached to undoing a lifetime of wrong. This was a solid series to binge before school starts and definitely a show worth keeping up with.