MSMS Track and Field team advances to State


Brian Burnes

The MSMS Track team celebrates another victory in a stellar season.

Nicholas Djedjos, Copy Editor

The MSMS Track Team continued their winning streak at Potts Camp this Friday, with competitors in 4×800 meter relay, 3200-meter, 1600-meter, 800–meter and discus events advancing to the 2A State Championships in Pearl, MS.

“I’m very happy with our performances at this meet,” Track and Field team captain Bryce Harrison said. “Everyone that went to the meet will be going to the state meet in at least one event.”

Senior Camille Newman, who earned second in the discus event at the last regional meet, continued her strong field performance at North State.

“I am extremely happy with my performance at North State,” Newman said. “I set a personal record in discus and will be advancing to state. I got second place.”

Junior Carter Miller, who earned first in the 400-meter dash at the previous regional meet, improved his previous time by nearly one and a half seconds. In a sprinting event where a few seconds could determine first and last place, one and a half seconds signals considerable progress.

“My times have been significantly improving,” said Miller. “At the start of the season, my fastest 400-meter dash time was 56.98 seconds. At the meet yesterday, I set a personal record again and managed to shave that down to 55.29 seconds.”

Comparing their record times to the other schools in the field, the 4×800 meter team was projected to place fourth at the meet. However, the relay team dug deep and shattered their previous record. Junior Chingun Tsogt-Erdene, senior Luke Bowles, senior Neil Sanipara and Miller earned first in the 4×800 meter relay, with a time of 9:39.64. 

“I am very happy with how our team performed. I’ve watched them work hard and give it their all to win,” said Miller. “It was quite a miracle how we pulled it off.”

Harrison led the team in awards, with firsts in the 800-meter dash and 1600-meter run and a second place finish in the 3200-meter run.

“I’m very happy with our performances at this meet,” Harrison said. “Everyone that went to the meet will be going to the state meet in at least one event.”

The team plans to focus on Track and Field fundamentals before the State meet.

“We will still train sprints and endurance to maintain ourselves, but the meat of our training lies in practicing hand-offs with the baton and working on our timing,” said Miller.

“For the boys’ relay, they have been practicing their hand-offs for the relay,” Newman said. “Bryce has been running non-stop. Hailey Manning and I have been focusing on perfecting our throwing form.”

With the last and largest meet of the season approaching, it is a bittersweet moment for both juniors and seniors.

“It’s been an honor to compete with this team. I’m excited that we even have the opportunity to go to State,” said Miller.  “No matter what, win or loss, I know that we will give it our all.”