MSMS Track and Field sweeps at District Meet


Courtesy of Hailey Manning

MSMS’s Track and Field team left Winona as fourth place overall and many individual awards.

Hayden Anderson, Staff Writer

At their most recent meet, MSMS’s track team won ten different awards in individual events and both girls’ and boys’ placed fourth overall. The district meet happened on Friday, April 9, in Winona. 

Senior William Shy, who won two awards in the 4×800 meter relay and 4×400 relay, expressed the joy that his team has brought him so far.

“It looks like we had another excellent victory royale,” Shy said. “I really enjoyed this chance to be able to bond with my teammates and I am so excited to be able to go to district next Wednesday” 

Carter Miller, a junior who won three awards, felt excited to be able to run on Friday and was excited to be competing as a team.

“Some were better at some things, and others, not so much,” Miller said. “I can proudly say nobody else was better than me in the 400m dash, as I placed first. Everyone was there to compete and our team did one heck of a job giving it their all.”

Neil Sanipara, a senior, expressed his gratitude for the fun season that he was able to go through during his last year at MSMS.

“This track season I improved a lot and it was so fun. I beat a lot of my personal records and it was a great end to senior year.”Junior Chingun Tsogt-Erdene showed his emotions toward the immense temperature and fun that he had.

“Even though it was a really hot day,” Tsogt-Erdene said. “I really enjoyed the experience with my team and being able to enjoy the victory together.”

Here is the full list of awards:

  • Boys 4×800 meter relay – William Shy, Chingun Tsogt-erdene, Carter Miller, Andrew Ignatius 2nd Place
  • Boys 3200 meter run – Bryce Harrison 1st Place 
  • Boys 3200 meter run – Matthew Dunn 3rd Place
  • Boys 1600 meter run – Bryce Harrison 1st Place
  • Boys 400 meter dash – Carter Miller 1st Place
  • Boys 800 meter run – Bryce Harrison 1st Place
  • Boys 4×400 relay – William Shy, Chingun Tsot-erdene, Carter Miller, Andrew Ignatius 2nd Place
  • Girls shot put – Hailey Manning 3rd Place
  • Girls discus throw – Hailey Manning 1st Place
  • Girls discus throw – Camille Newman