MSMS tennis team serves up an intense midseason match


Jessica Yan

Seniors Michael Lu and Shanay Desai prepare for their upcoming matches.

Hailee Sexton, Staff Writer

On Friday, Mar. 26, the MSMS tennis team scored a 4-3 win against Eupora, continuing a strong 2021 season.

Juniors Vidhi Patel and Sam Sun won their singles matches, and seniors Luke Bowles and Hardy Cook won their doubles, making a close tiebreaker round. This match determined the standing of the MSMS team before the next district match.

The end of the match became more intense when Cook and Bowles were competing in the final round. Teammates and coaches noticed, and everyone grouped together to support the players.

 “Usually we all hit around as courts open,” said Patel. “But when the match was getting closer and we had a tiebreaker round, our team and coaches got together and cheered our boys on as they fought for the win.”

The last round of the match was a tiebreaker and determined the win for the MSMS. Despite the team’s success, players were on edge, and the boys felt the pressure.

“The pressure was really intense,” said Bowles. “Honestly, it was getting to us for a while. When everyone started cheering for us was when it really turned around. We stuck it out, concentrated and played hard, all of which resulted in us coming out on top despite the tough competition.”

Junior Hayden Anderson could feel the anticipation during the meet but is thankful for the win. 

 “This match was super intense,” said Anderson. “It was 3-3 and there was only one doubles match left. People kept screaming from both teams and you could tell there was tension on the court. Although it was a close match, I’m really glad we were able to win.”

Junior Jessica Yan is hopeful for the future of the season and believes this match put them in good standing before the next district match. 

Hardy and Luke were the last match to finish and the team score was tied,” said Yan. “And I think it put a lot of stress on the two as they had to win so that it would put the MSMS team into a good position heading into another district match, as well as onto North Half and State.”

Bowles said he is thankful for the hard work of all of the players and is happy with the team’s success going into the rest of the season.

“We’re doing as well as we could imagine,” said Bowles. “As an undefeated team, we have a lot of pressure going into every match, but we handled it well and came out with a win. Every single player is working hard, so I have absolutely no complaints.”