Hurdles to overcome: MSMS Track team’s first meet 


Courtesy of Brian Burnes

The MSMS track team participates in their first meet of the season despite not having a full practice together.

Henry Sanders, Student Life Editor

With last year’s inaugural season cut short due to covid-19, the revived MSMS track team competed in their first meet this year last Tuesday, placing fifth overall.

Coach and biology teacher Brian Burns reflected on the outcome.

“Covid severely impaired our training,” Burns said. “…in fact, we had no full practices before this meet.” Lack of practice time wasn’t the only hurdle for the track team’s sophomore year. The shortage of funding posed an additional challenge. “We just made our first equipment order for hurdles, starting blocks, track spikes, etc., so we will be excited to receive them soon. What we could really benefit from would be a track…,” the coach said.

Because track requires many different types of equipment across various events, equipment shortage can inhibit a team’s ability to place high in meets. Senior and track co-captain Bryce Harrison provided insight into the team’s unfortunate circumstances.

“Practicing was difficult alone,” Harrison said. “Some people couldn’t practice, especially throwers. Not everyone has the equipment they need to practice at home alone.”

This has also made it difficult for the team to form into a unified force. “We are weak in the way we aren’t very organized, or at least not yet. We are strong in the attitude we have towards competing. We’re all just there to have fun and we’re doing our best to lift everyone up,” Harrison added.

The strengths and weaknesses of the MSMS track team were commented on by senior and track athlete Hailey Manning. “The team’s main strength is having a close companionship and strong mindset to grow as an MSMS athlete,” Manning said. “The team’s main weakness is the same as almost every team’s: covid restrictions.”

Senior and track thrower Camille Newman pointed to covid as the culprit in terms of motivation. “Staying motivated has been one of my biggest challenges this year,” Newman said. “I have always been motivated to compete at meets and games because I am a very competitive person, but staying motivated to practice and improve has been a different story. The biggest challenge has been forcing myself to start practicing again. Once I am in the groove I remember why I love the sport so much and it is easy to stay focused. Sports are one of my biggest stress relievers so I am a much happier person if I can do them.”

Despite the disappointing result, co-captain Luke Bowles’s pride in his teammates is undimmed.

“This meet showed us that despite all of the challenges, we’re still able to compete with solid teams,” Bowles said. “I’m proud of how hard everyone competed with such limited practicing.”

Here is the full list of winners:

Hailey Manning, 2nd Discus

Hailey Manning, 2nd Shot putt

Camille Newman, 3rd Discus

Camille Newman, 4th Shot putt

Luke Bowles, Matthew Dunn, Will Shy and Bryce Harrison, 3rd 4×800

Bryce Harrison, 3rd 3200

Neil Sanipara, Andrew Ignatius, Chingun Tsogt-Erdene and Carter Miller, 4th 4×200

Carter Miller, 3rd 400

Neil Sanipara, 3rd 200

Andrew Ignatius, 2nd 200

Luke Bowles, Will Shy, Chingun Tsogt-Erdene and Carter Miller, 2nd 4×400