Marvel kicks off Phase 4 with ‘WandaVision’

After the climactic

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After the climactic “Avengers: Endgame” in 2019, Marvel enters a new era with “WandaVision.”

Hayden Anderson, Staff Writer

Two years ago Marvel ended the Infinity Saga, which consisted of the movies “Iron Man” through “Spider-man: Far from Home.” Fans wondered: What next? Marvel decided to show fans what they planned on doing next with their first adaptation in Phase 5 and it is amazing. 

“WandaVision” is a Disney Plus original consisting of episodes that come out each week. However, this one is different from any other TV show because it correlates to the Marvel Cinematic Universe–unlike the spin-offs that they’ve made.

This show is unique among all of the other adaptations of the comics and is mindblowing every step of the way. The show takes a while to pick up but once it does it’s worth it. I have sat on the edge of my seat wondering what will happen as each episode unfolded.  

I can’t really explain much of the plot because it would spoil a lot and if you know Marvel, every single detail matters. However, the show begins in the 1940s. It starts with Wanda and Vision moving into a new home right after some sort of event. Next, they go through all the motions of every basic 1940s sitcom: black and white, dresses, gender roles, etc. One of the best parts about the show is that it is set in different eras in each episode. The first episode is around the 1940s while the second is in the 1970s. In between things get wild. 

One of the show’s most special aspects, and something Marvel does very well, is the easter eggs that come with every single detail in the show. The first one is the commercials. If you have not watched the commercials that come on about halfway through the episode, you need to. You will notice things such as “hydra soap” and “hydra watches” and other things that relate to the “outside world.” This was a sneaky addition by the writers of the show because easter eggs are something that Marvel is known for. In the first two Iron Man movies, Marvel teased Captain America so this could be something that Marvel is trying to tease us.

The cast in the show is amazing. In every episode, they perfectly embody the specific decade the episode is based in. Teyonah Parris is by far one of my favorite actresses in the show given how convincing her emotions are. Even then, the actors are only half of what makes the show’s setting grand. The outfits and set design throughout the show are unique to anything they’ve done in the past. 

Overall, from episodes one to four, I would give WandaVision an 8/10 rating. The only reason I did not give this a 10/10 is that it was slightly boring to start off with. It felt slow at the beginning and a lot of it felt very unnecessary. However, like in previous points, there were many pros to this show. “WandaVision” should be on everyone’s watch list.