What to watch during quarantine


Taylor Wypyski

As everyone continues to stay home amidst the pandemic, many have turned to streaming services for entertainment.

Hayden Anderson, Staff Writer

From binging Tiger King to crying during Disney’s Soul, we all have been relying on TV during these last couple of months. However, as stay at home orders were released everywhere from Mississippi to Massachusetts, many people started to realize that they were starting to run out of things to do and shows and movies to watch. This is especially true with many MSMS students. As many are staying on and off campus, one of the components that brings us together is television. That is why I am here to tell you all of the shows/movies that you should watch right now.

Disney Plus

“Soul”: Ever wonder where souls come from? Well, “Soul” is the movie for you. This Disney movie is unlike any Disney movie before because of the amount of the realm it deals with. “Soul” is a movie about Joe Gardner, who experiences a spiritual awakening as he accidentally finds himself in another dimension full of unborn souls. As scary as this sounds, this movie is a heart-warming and heart-wrenching film that will get those tear ducts rolling. If you want to hear more about this movie, read Caleb Jenkins’ article

“WandaVision”: To get away from the animation (and the tears), “WandaVision” recently came out and has drawn amazing reviews. This TV show is about the Marvel characters Vision and Wanda Maximoff. However, instead of the regular fight against the end of the universe, they live a “normal” life. Will they get out of this suburban black and white TV show? I guess you will have to watch and see. Personally, I have not watched it yet, but I have not heard a bad review on it. I plan on watching it soon, and I think that you should, too.

“Marvel Cinematic Universe”: Don’t know who Vision and Wanda Maximoff are? You should consider the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I have watched almost all of the movies and I’m currently trying to watch them all in order. Here is a link to the order of the movies. This is one of my favorite movie series because of how non-cliche it is for superhero movies. Marvel keeps the series exciting, and I watch a movie every time I see it on TV. I recommend this to anyone who wants to binge many movies. 


“As Above So Below”: “As Above So Below” is by far one of the scariest movies that I have ever seen. This horror movie about a group of friends that travel into the catacombs under France shows the psychological horrors of many everyday fears such as hell, claustrophobia, and the dark. As much as I personally love horror movies, I was scared to sleep after this movie. It’s in a POV format too which means you personally get to hear the thoughts and feelings of the people traveling. 

“Death to 2020”: “As Above So Below” was not the only movie that showed horrific aspects; another film showed the horrors that many of us went through this year: “Death to 2020”.  As this may not be a horror film, some horrific things happened this year and that is what “Death to 2020” showed. Many actors such as Samuel L. Jackson and SNL’s Leslie Jones act as interviewers that recalled the events of 2020 (in a mocking way of course). I give this mockumentary a 10/10 because of how relatable and hilarious it was. If you want to read more about this mockumentary, read Jilian Snodgrass’s article about the movie!

“Dangerous Lies”: If you are looking to get away from documentaries, horrors or heart-warming films and you just want a good mystery, “Dangerous Lies” is the movie for you. “Dangerous Lies” tells the story of a guy and a girl who live a happy life together. They also inherit a pile of very expensive diamonds and an estate. Not only that, but the diamonds have a secret to them. What that secret is, I guess you will have to watch the show. I personally would give this movie a high rating because it is so good and kept me on my toes the whole time.

“American Horror Story”: Next, I want to talk about my favorite show (if you look at my biography, it’s in there), “American Horror Story”. “American Horror Story” is unlike any TV show that I’ve seen because it’s an anthology TV show. This means that every season is a different story. For example, the first season is about a house where everyone that is killed stays there forever and the second season is about an asylum and the secrets underneath it. Every season has me waiting for more and Ryan Murphy keeps on bringing more as he goes along. I would also like to mention that this is not horror as much as it is creepy; if you do not like horror TV shows, do not worry because this was not scary to me. I give this show a 20/10 because I love it that much. If you want to learn more about “American Horror Story,” read David Gipson’s article on the latest season!

“The Magicians”: Do you like fantasy TV Shows? If so, “The Magicians” is definitely the TV show for you. This five season fantasy on Netflix shows the life of Quentin Coldwater, an avid reader of Fillory and Further, a book made up in the show. This book shows him the world of magic and makes him think about if magic was real. Little did he know that it is real. I believe that many magic shows/movies have become cliche ever since the “Harry Potter” series; however, I believe that this one set its own magic plot and it is definitely a great show for anyone who needs a good binge watch.

“Glee”: If you love music, I recommend “Glee”. “Glee” was also made by Ryan Murphy and it is my second favorite work from him. The TV show is about a high school that tries to revive the glee club and shows the triumphs and failures that it goes under. From winning nationals to finding your one true love, everything is shown in this TV show. Not only this, but it was perfect for me because it is a musical. I would recommend this to anyone who loves musicals or a sappy high school drama.


“The Act”: The first on the Hulu list is “The Act.” This show follows a girl named Gypsey Rose Blanchard, who tries to escape her mother who gives her daughter Munchausen by proxy (the mother convinced her that she was sick when she wasn’t). I was so into this show and I loved every minute of it. I recommend this to anyone who loves a good mystery/crime show.

“Chopped”: Ever wanted to learn how to cook? Especially during quarantine, many of us have wanted to learn many things such as cooking. Well, “Chopped” is the show for you. This cooking competition takes four cooks and puts them against each other during four rounds. However, one chef must be chopped every round. I really like this show out of many of the cooking shows because of how diverse all of the foods are. 

“Jeopardy”: Not into cooking? Well, maybe you would be into learning about random knowledge! If you don’t know what “Jeopardy” is, three contestants go against each other in this trivia game. I really enjoy watching this show in my free time because not only does it test my knowledge, but it also helps me learn something. 

Happy viewing!