‘Disenchantment’ is the underrated show you should watch

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“Disenchantment” is on its third season and is written by Matt Groening. Groening created “The Simpsons” and “Futurama.”

Fiona Dawe, Opinion Editor

“Disenchantment’s” third season brings more laughs and character development for viewers to enjoy.

Written by Matt Groening, creator of the extremely popular “The Simpsons” and “Futurama,” “Disenchantment” boasts a stronger plot and more developed characters than the other two series. This is helped by being available on Netflix, where viewers have the entire show available at one time. 

The show follows Princess Tiabeanie, aka Bean (Abbi Jacobson), Luci (Eric Andre) and Elfo (Eric Faxon) on their adventures through Dreamland. In the past seasons the trio have had a series of entertaining experiences through this beautifully animated world. 

In this new season, Bean, Luci and Elfo continue to have more experiences that encourage them to grow as characters after a well written and popular second season.

The new season begins right after the second season ended, with Bean, Luci and Elfo narrowly escaping being burned alive by Odval and the Arch-Druidess. As the season goes Bean and Elfo return to Steamland, the steampunk theme world which craftily shows the animators’ talent, as it’s incredibly detailed and designed. Luci is stuck watching over Bean’s crazy father, King Zod (John DiMaggio). Bean continues to butt heads with her manipulative mother, who is constantly trying to take over the kingdom.

Queen Oona, the reptilian ex of King Zod, has her best season yet, as she continues to lead the pirates and starts to create more of a motherly bond with Bean, which shows how much the characters have grown since the first season. The return of favorites like Oona and the introduction of new favorite characters adds so much value and comedy to the show

Granted, the show lost some of its comedic value between the second and third seasons but watching Bean grow from an alcoholic mess to a, still alcoholic, but slightly more responsible mess, was much more entertaining. Bean’s growth during the season was also much needed, as she never really had that opportunity in the other two seasons. 

Unfortunately, Luci, arguably the best character, played more of a backseat role this season. To be fair, in season two he grew a lot during a visit to Hell with Bean, so it makes sense that he had limited screen time. However, Luci provides a lot of comedic value and entertainment, so he was missed in the scenes where he was absent.

While “Disenchantment” may not be as popular as “The Simpsons” or even “Futurama” it is still worth a watch. With its continuous plot and comedic value, it is something that should appeal to most people.