MSMS’ Class of 2022 elects class officers


Carter Moore

This year’s Junior Class Officers have already begun coming up with ideas for the school year.

Amy Zhang, Copy Editor

After a long build-up and a close race, like the presidential election, MSMS’s Class of 2022 finally has class officers. Juniors used the ranked-choice voting system to select the following five class officers:

Historian: Dylan Griffith

Treasurer: Maddie Raynor

Secretary: Chingun Tsogt-Erdene

Vice President: Zaria Cooper

President: Vineel Vanga

Junior Historian Dylan Griffith felt honored to be elected historian for the historic class of 2022.

“I want to represent my class and have the chance to have a say in important decisions,” Griffith said. “I am excited to plan prom, whether it’s virtual or in person, and capture the memories of our class.”

Junior Treasurer Maddie Raynor served as the treasurer for her previous school’s BETA club, which motivated her to run for class treasurer. She also had ideas to make prom feasible despite social distancing.

“I’m excited to jump right into event planning,” Raynor said. “Someone mentioned an outdoor prom, which I thought was an amazing idea.”

Junior Secretary Chingun Tsogt-Erdene was motivated to run for office after he received complaints and suggestions about the school year from other students. He wanted to help lead the class through the pandemic and make the tough situation better.

“Although social distancing and masks make it difficult, I and the other class officers will do our best,” Tsogt-Erdene said. “We are planning out some ideas to make the year as fun as possible.”

Junior Vice President Zaria Cooper has always wanted to represent her class, as well as plan events for her peers.

“I am most excited to start planning events for the future and coming up with ideas for new merchandise,” Cooper said. “I know I will do my best for the class, and I can’t wait to see how amazing this junior year will be.”

Junior President Vineel Vanga also wanted to help his class have an amazing year. Despite the limitations due t oCOVID-19, he doesn’t want anyone to feel as though their year is being wasted. He already has several ideas to liven up the year.

“In the best case scenario, we can get prom running,” Vanga said. “I really don’t want to take away that experience from everyone who had been expecting prom.”

However, he still has other ideas in store in case prom doesn’t work out. He also wants to create events that are unique to MSMS.

“I was thinking of having a sports game between students and teachers so students and faculty can get closer,” Vanga said. “Just imagine the teachers playing soccer with the students.”

Vanga also wants events to include students who are living at home.

“Catering to the students who are doing virtual school may be a challenge considering the barriers that virtual school has, but I would rather be inclusive than exclusive,” Vanga said.

Senior Class President Madison Meeks is excited to welcome the junior officers. She hopes that they make the best of their junior year and encourages them to reach out to seniors when they need help, especially under these circumstances.

“I am excited to see how the junior officers will band together and engage their class, especially with prom,” Meeks said. “This job is tough, especially under these circumstances, so we will always keep a listening ear.”